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How to Find the Best Tire Store Near Me: Research Tips and Quality Criteria

How do I find the best tire store near me?” It’s a question Canadians ask everyday, and we’ve got the answer. Use the following 3 quick and easy tips to find the best car tires and dealership in your area.

1.  The Best Tire Stores Put Their Money Where Their Mouth Is

True experts have true confidence in their skills and products, which means they can afford to “put their money where their mouth is” in the form of guaranteed coverage and/or warranties.

Take TIRECRAFT for instance. The TIRECRAFT Advantage Plus Program includes:

  • Limited manufacturer treadwear warranty (varies depending on the tire brand)
  • 12 month/20,000km Mechanical Warranty (whichever comes first!)
  • 30-day Tire Satisfaction Guarantee—no charge for tires and labour for personal vehicles requiring changes
  • FREE flat tire repairs and tire rotations at participating TIRECRAFT locations
  • Road Hazard Protection coverage

2.  The Best Tire Stores Carry All the Best Car Tires

Big brands don’t partner with just anyone. In fact, most use strict screening protocols and application processes to make sure their products (and, by extension, their brand names) are only associated with quality dealers.

Therefore, if you want to assess the quality of local tire stores at-a-glance, just take a quick look at their catalog. You can do so either in-person or online (e.g. by visiting the TIRECRAFT website). Look for new products and current releases, and cross-reference their prices with those found on the manufacturer’s official website to make sure you’re not being seriously overcharged. If they carry all the current and best car tires from all the top brands, rest assured: you’ve probably found a tire store you can trust.

Working with a shop that carries all the best car tires is also going to increase your odds of finding something perfectly suited to your unique driving habits, seasonal conditions, and budget. Plus if you’re buying for multiple vehicles, like a parent outfitting their teenager’s vehicle alongside their own, you can save time and money by working with a true “one-stop shop.”

At TIRECRAFT, we carry all the best car tires (and SUV tires and more!) for all the top brands, including:

You can browse our full catalog based on tire category, brand name, or vehicle type on the TIRECRAFT website.

3.  The Best Tire Stores Have Great Reviews and Online Reputations

In the Information Age, finding recommendations, ratings, and reviews is easier than ever. A simple Google search query (e.g. “local tire store reviews”) yields hundreds of thousands of hits, linking you to numerous third-party review sites where consumers sound-off. While not all online reviews can be trusted, it doesn’t take long to get a general sense of the company’s reputation, which can be cross-referenced on multiple sites. Anyone receiving less than 4-stars in a 5-star review system probably isn’t worth your time.

You can also search specifically for company names to verify prospects. For instance, searching “TIRECRAFT reviews” yield 124,000 results in less than a second, linking readers to 4 and 5-star reviews from Facebook, Yelp, GlassDoor, Indeed, and the Better Business Bureau.

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