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How To Store Wheels Between Seasons: 5 Tips From A Top Tire Depot

Want to extend the life of your seasonal tires? Follow these 5 seasonal storage tips, or stow them professional at one of our top tire depots. Read on or contact your local TIRECRAFT to learn more.

How To Store Wheels Between Seasons: 5 Tips From A Top Tire Depot

  • Clean your tires prior to storage. Like any other part of your vehicle, tires tend to get dirty. When left on your tires for long periods, brake dust, dirt, and other contaminants can start to break down rubber compounds, greatly reducing your tires’ tread life.

    Before you stow your specialty tires for the off-season, take the time to wash them with warm, soapy water. Once you’ve removed all surface contaminants, rinse your tires thoroughly, then allow them to dry completely.

  • Top up your tire pressure. If you’re leaving your tires on their wheels, make sure you maintain the air pressure recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Store your tires in bags if possible. Opaque, airtight tire bags are ideal for indoor storage. Lawn and leaf bags can be used in a pinch, but they should be sealed shut with heavy-duty tape to lock out the elements. Before you seal your tire bags, remove as much air as possible to reduce the risk of rubber compounds drying out.
  • Choose the right storage area. If possible, store your tires in a cool, dry, climate-controlled environment. If outdoor storage is your only option, be sure to keep your tires off the ground and covered in opaque, waterproof bags. Importantly, unlike with indoor tire storage, tire bags stored outdoors should include ventilation holes to prevent condensation or “steam bath” effects.
  • Avoid heat and ozone exposure. You should try to store your tires somewhere away from direct sunlight, furnaces, electric motors, generators, battery charges, central vacuums, or even basement sump pumps. All of these may produce small amounts of heat and ozone, which isn’t great for your tires.

Store Your Seasonal Tires At A Top Tire Depot Near You

If you want to skip all the hassle and automate your perfect seasonal tire storage/changeover, contact your local TIRECRAFT.

When you choose TIRECRAFT to store your specialty seasonal tires, you’ll never have to worry about the state of your investment. We guarantee your seasonal tires will be cleaned properly, stowed safely, and kept in the ideal storage conditions until you’re ready to get them back on the road.

Our tire storage service also makes seasonal changeovers even easier. Just drive up to your local TIRECRAFT tire depot with your out-of-season tires, get the tire service and changeover you need, then drive away with in-season tires installed and last season’s tires safely stowed.

To learn more about our seasonal tire storage service, use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to find one of our top tire depots near you.