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Improper Tire Storage Voids Warranties: 5 Tips To Keep Your Coverage

Improper tire storage voids warranties, so make sure you follow these 5 tips to keep your coverage. Read on or contact your local TIRECRAFT for a free tire storage consultation at one of our 220+ locations.

WARNING: Improper Tire Storage Voids Most Warranty Coverage

Did you know that a few simple tire storage mistakes could cost you your Limited Warranty coverage? It’s true!

For example, page 33 of the Bridgestone Firestone Tire Maintenance, Safety, and Warranty Manual states that the Limited Warranty does not cover “contamination or degradation by petroleum products or other chemicals, fire or other externally generated heat, or water or other material trapped inside the tire.” Warranty coverage is also voided by any “improper use or operation,” which includes “maintenance negligence.”

If you want to get the most for your money, make sure to abide by the following 5 tire storage tips.

Top-5 Tire Storage Tips From The TIRECRAFT Tire Depot

1. Clean and dry your tires prior to storage.“This will help remove a season’s worth of road grime and brake dust,” writes the Continental Tire team. “Clean your wheels, too, if you store your tires on them, and make sure they’re completely dry before the next step.”

2. Bag your tires. Use a large, airtight plastic bag to reduce evaporation of oils from the rubber compounds. Yard bags and leaf bags work well, but you can also find specific tire storage caddies and totes at your local TIRECRAFT.

3. Avoid the sun. Heat and UV rays wreak havoc on rubber, so try to find a cool, dark spot to store your tires.

4. Store tires upright when possible (off rims only). Compared to stacking, upright storage puts less stress on the tires. If you have to stack tires without rims, be sure to keep your “tire tower” short, both to reduce the risk of toppling over, and to reduce the amount of weight borne by the bottom tire. However, if your tires are mounted on the rims, you should store them stacked, not upright.

5. Steer clear of chemicals and ozone exposure. Ozone is particularly damaging to tires, so keep them away from any electric motors (e.g. generators, compressors, furnaces, switches, sump pumps, central vacuum cleaners). Solvents, fuels, and lubricants should also be stored well away from your tire set.

Leave It To The Pros With TIRECRAFT Tire Storage Service

Want to skip the hassle and automate your perfect tire storage? We can help.

When you choose TIRECRAFT to store your winter, summer, or all-season tires, you’ll never have to worry about your tire’s condition or warranty coverage again.

Our tire storage process includes:

  • Full tire cleaning prior to storage
  • Optimal storage conditions—our tire depot is always kept cool, dry, dark, and free of any harmful fuels, solvents, or other substances that could degrade rubber compounds
  • Protection from external pressure, tension, and naturally occurring ozone, which can cause tires to dry out or crack
  • Regular tire pile rotations to ensure equal pressure

In fact, we’re so confident in our tire storage process that we guarantee your tires will never lose warranty coverage as a result of damages incurred due to improper storage.

Use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to book a free tire storage consultation at your local TIRECRAFT and find out why so many Canadians entrust their automotive essentials to us!