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Is My Anti-Lock Braking System Failing? 4 Signs You Need Brake Service

Today’s post explains how to detect the symptoms of anti-lock brake system failure sooner, so you can stay safer and save money on costly replacements. Read on to learn 4 signs you need to book a brake service ASAP, or skip the read and speak directly with a TIRECRAFT representative near you.

How Do I Tell When My Anti-Lock Braking System Is Failing?

The anti-lock braking system (ABS) is designed to prevent hydroplaning and skidding by stopping the wheels from locking up when you slam on the brakes.

The ABS system comprises the ABS module and ABS sensors on each wheel. These sensors detect wheel speeds and tell the ABS module to pump the brakes in rapid succession whenever you begin to skid or lose traction. Most ABS systems are also designed to alert drivers when something’s gone awry, but you’ll need to know how to spot these signs before you can heed their warnings.

1.   Book A Brake Service Asap If Your Brake Pedal Feels Unresponsive

Depending on the model of vehicle, you may feel a bit of stickiness or stiffness in the brakes when the ABS module starts to fail. This usually happens gradually, so the subtle change is responsiveness can be hard to detect for daily drivers. But if you feel as though you’re having to hit the brakes a little harder to stop or reduce your speed, it’s time for a brake service.

2.   Book A Brake Service As Soon As Your Abs Light Turns On

The most obvious sign of an ABS system issue is when the ABS light comes on. The ABS light looks exactly how you’d expect: no fancy symbols, just the ABS acronym, usually amber-coloured, like the Check Engine light. It may be caused by low brake fluid, a blown fuse, or abnormal signals from wheel sensors, but it’s always reason enough to book a brake service. Some older vehicles may not have a dedicated ABS light, in which case the Check Engine light may light up instead.

3.   Book A Brake Service If Your Brakes Lock Up

Remember, the main job of your ABS system is to prevent your wheels from locking up, thereby reducing the risks of skidding and hydroplaning, particularly during periods of winter freeze-and-thaw. Accordingly, if you feel your brakes locking up, it’s a sure sign that your ABS system isn’t pulling its weight, even if you don’t see any dashboard light on. Book a brake service at your local TIRECRAFT and head off any dangerous braking problems well in advance.

4.   Book A Brake Service If Your Brakes Pump Or Click At Random

Faulty ABS systems can behave erratically, pumping your brakes even under normal driving conditions, and producing strange clicking noises, even when the brakes aren’t engaged. If you notice any of these random clicking sounds or lock-ups, it’s quite possible that your ABS module needs to be replaced. Take heart—your local TIRECRAFT does it all for a fair price.

Book A Professional Brake Service — Contact Your Local TIRECRAFT

With more than 330+ professional TIRECRAFT brake service centers around the country, qualified help is closer than you think.

Use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to book a free brake service consultation and get a same-day quote on any ABS diagnostics, repairs, and replacements.