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Is Your Car Doing All It Can For The Environment?

Did you know that the automotive aftermarket has been actively protecting the environment for decades by recycling engine oils, filters, batteries and tires? As a motorist you too can be taking steps toward driving a “greener” vehicle.

The most important step you can take toward making your vehicle more eco-friendly is preventative maintenance. Keeping your vehicle in optimum shape by following your vehicle’s service schedule can help improve its efficiency, reduce emissions and even save you money. Furthermore, regularly checking spark plugs, fuel and air filters, fluid and oil levels, ignition systems and emission systems helps your vehicle burn less gas, and create less pollution. It will even help prevent car trouble in the future.

Another important step toward a greener vehicle is to maintain proper tire pressure. It is recommended that tire pressure be checked monthly – that includes the spare! Driving on tires that are not properly inflated can add rolling resistance which makes the engine work harder to move the vehicle. This, in turn, increases the amount of fuel you use and how often you have to fill up the tank. Properly inflated tires will increase vehicle handling when driving, improve your fuel economy and help your tires last longer, all while helping the environment.

Lastly, some of the easiest things you can do to make your vehicle more environmentally friendly include the following:

  • Avoid accelerating rapidly to help save on fuel
  • Use cruise control when appropriate to maintain your speed
  • Turn off your vehicle if you expect to idle for long periods of time
  • Remove any excess weight from your vehicle

Regardless of whether your vehicle is new or old, big or small, there are always steps we as vehicle owners can take to make our car or truck as environmentally friendly as possible. At your next TIRECRAFT visit ask our service advisors what maintenance is required to make your vehicle run more efficiently.