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Keep Parked Cars In Shape: Auto Maintenance Tips For ‘Off-Duty’ Vehicles

Even if you’re not driving much these days, your vehicle still needs a little TLC. The following auto maintenance tips will help you protect your vehicle until it’s back out on the road.

For more auto maintenance tips for off-duty vehicles, contact your local TIRECRAFT to speak directly with an ASE-certified mechanic.

1.   Release Your Parking Brake To Avoid Expensive Auto Maintenance Fees

When vehicles sit for long periods, the metal cable connecting your parking brake lever with the rear wheels can begin to rust. If the parking brake is engaged when that happens, it can seize, and the driver may not realize until it’s too late!

Just imagine: you’re driving along, enjoying the first joyride of the season, when suddenly you realize the brakes have been partially on the whole time, grinding against the rotors and damaging the calipers. If that happens, you can expect major auto maintenance costs down the line.

Fortunately, this is all preventable. As long as your vehicle is parked on level ground, you can simply leave the parking brake off! And if you suspect the damage has already been done, don’t despair—your local TIRECRAFT offers brake repair and part replacements, too.

2.   Change Your Fluids Regularly To Save Auto Maintenance Headaches

It may seem like a waste of money to invest in auto maintenance services for a vehicle you won’t be driving anytime soon, but it could save you a lot of headaches down the line. When left untreated, acidic contaminants in your oil, coolant, and brake fluid systems build up and begin eating away at vital components.

Accordingly, before you stow your car for the off-season, make sure to complete any necessary oil, coolant, or brake fluid changes.

Contact your local TIRECRAFT to book your oil, coolant, and brake fluid changes. We do it all, and every service completed by our ASE-certified technicians earns you customer rewards points via the MyTIRECRAFT Rewards program.

3.   Inflate Your Tires To Cut Auto Maintenance Costs

If underinflated tires sit too long, they may develop permanent flat spots, which can cause vibrations as you drive, accelerate treadwear, and reduce fuel economy. Over time, these vibrations also wear down important vehicle components.

Fortunately, keeping your tires inflated is about as cheap and easy as auto maintenance gets. You can buy a gauge and portable inflator for under $50, and it’ll pay dividends for your auto maintenance and vehicle performance. Tire inflations and air pressure monitoring are included as part of every TIRECRAFT auto maintenance service.

Complete Your Pre-Storage Auto Maintenance With TIRECRAFT

Before you stow your vehicle for the off-season, stop in at your local TIRECRAFT. We offer all recommended pre-storage auto maintenance services, and the more you spend, the more you save, thanks to the TIRECRAFT MyRewards program.

To get a free quote on your pre-storage auto maintenance, contact your local TIRECRAFT.