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What to Look For in the Best Summer Tires

If you drive a high performance vehicle, a set of the best summer tires (also known as performance tires) is an absolute must! Summer tires can help make your performance vehicle even more fun to drive by offering increased grip and traction control over their all season counterparts—meaning if you have a need for speed, performance tires are the right choice for you.

As you search for the best summer tires, you’re probably wondering about the technology they employ to help you push your performance vehicle to the limit on the road or on the track. From advances in design, to style, to how they’ll benefit you while driving, this post offers a closer look at what to keep in mind when it’s time to choose the best summer tires for your vehicle.

Stay Safe With Run Flat Technology

One vehicle design trend you’ve probably noticed recently is a shift toward increasingly compact designs that maximizes cabin space. While this is great for passengers, reduced storage space can it can make it difficult to carry a spare tire in a sport vehicle. This challenge has led to the development of run flat technology in many of the best summer tires.

Run flat tires provide a back up system in case you experience a flat tire. They are designed to be driven on for a short period of time after experiencing a puncture. In fact, many of these tires can be driven a brief distance with little to no air, making them a valuable option for drivers who are going on road trips and want the peace of mind that their tires will carry them every kilometre of the drive.

The Best Summer Tires will Thrive in Wet Weather 

If you’re driving a performance vehicle, you don’t want wet weather to ruin your plans! Rain can impact road conditions, making it a challenge to control your vehicle if you don’t have the appropriate tires. Luckily, many performance tires have been optimized for operating in the rain. Performance tires built to thrive in wet weather feature distinct tread designs that efficiently evacuate water from the surrounding area, reducing hydroplaning and enhancing traction. Canadian weather can be unpredictable, so choose a performance tire that will let you make the most of your driving experience—rain or shine.

Stability is a Must in the Best Summer Tires

If you’re pushing your vehicle to its limit, you need to choose a set of performance tires that will provide you with stability. Extra-wide shoulder blocks can be a valuable feature on your performance tires, especially in you’re looking for stability at high speeds. Likewise, a set of tires designed to remain stiff at high temperatures will prevent uneven wear, enhancing long term stability as well as the life of your tire.

Technology may not Mean Much if Your Summer Tires Don’t Look Great! 

If you’re driving a performance vehicle, appearance is almost certainly going to be a factor in your tire decision. While it’s true that these tires are designed to deliver maximum performance, they’re also designed to look great while doing so. Many performance tires offered at your local TIRECRAFT dealer feature distinct tread patterns and profiles that compliment the look of your vehicle and will definitely make your vehicle stand out when you drive past.  

Let TIRECRAFT Provide You With the Best Summer Tires for Your Performance Vehicle 

At TIRECRAFT , we carry a wide assortment of performance tires from the biggest names in the industry, including:

If you’re looking for more information on the technology used to create the best summer tires on the market, or you’re looking for the best option to suit the needs of your vehicle, we can help. Speak with one of the experts at your local TIRECRAFT  today and prepare to take your vehicle to the limit this summer!