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Pirelli Winter Tires: Get Power And Control In The Cold

Looking to stay safe in the snow this winter? With their sterling reputation, homologation record, and feel-good sustainability practices, Pirelli winter tires are a natural choice.

Read on to learn why so many Canadians choose power and control in the cold with Pirelli winter tires, or contact your local TIRECRAFT for a personalized winter tire consultation

Why Choose Pirelli Winter Tires To Stay Safe In The Snow?

Pirelli Winter Tires Offer Unparalleled Performance And Innovation

Pirelli winter tires are studied in extreme conditions, with 141 testing days scheduled each year at dedicated development centers, amounting to more than 250,000km of test-driving annually, all for the benefit of the consumer.

This commitment to continual tire innovation has led to several winter tire breakthroughs, including:

  • Patented Pirelli winter tire directional designs and multi-active 4D sipes yield +8% traction on snow compared to top winter tire competitors
  • 50% increase in maximize sipe length to increase grip on slippery surfaces, shortening braking distances by 13 meters in Pirelli winter tire tests
  • Water escape accelerators yield +8% aquaplaning reduction for better wet performance

Pirelli Winter Tires Are #1 In Original Equipment (OE) Winter Tires

Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and Volkswagen all trust Pirelli winter tires as their number-one OE fitments, according to Pirelli tire research.

Pirelli Winter Tires Are Undisputed Leaders In Winter Homologations

“Homologation” is a process by which winter tires are specifically developed with, and approved by, premium vehicle manufacturers. This painstaking process involves rigorous testing and close collaboration with leading vehicle manufacturers, sometimes taking up to 3 years to complete as manufacturers strive to find tires that can bring out their vehicles’ very best characteristics.

If a winter tire is homologated, you’ll find the manufacturers’ “stamp of approval” in the form of a short code on the sidewall (e.g. AO for Audi; MO for Mercedes; and N1 for Porsche).

Pirelli winter tires are the undisputed leaders in winter tire homologations, with over 600 in total, comprising:

Pirelli Winter Tires Boast Over A Century Of Success And Sustainability

When you choose Pirelli winter tires, you choose a brand with:

  • 19 plants in 12 different countries
  • 140+ years of heritage as an iconic, globally recognized brand
  • The honour of being an exclusive F1 supplier
  • >50% of market share among prestige car manufacturers, including longstanding partnerships with Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborhini, Pagani, Aston Martin, and many more top brands

Additionally, Pirelli winter tires are leaders in sustainability. The Pirelli Sustainability Model is inspired by the United Nations Global Compact, of which Pirelli has been an active member since 2004. Using a “multi-stakeholder approach,” Pirelli pursues sustainability at every level of manufacturing, working closely with local communities and environmental stakeholders to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect valuable ecosystems, and reporting on these efforts via the Annual Report.

Browse All The Top Pirelli Winter Tires Under One Roof: Contact TIRECRAFT

Use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to start browsing all the top Pirelli winter tires under one roof and get personalized tire recommendations based on your unique vehicle type, budget, and driving needs.