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Preventative Maintenance Made Easy: Automate Upkeep With TIRECRAFT

Although many Canadians agree that preventative maintenance is essential for the life and performance of their vehicle, too few are making the time for proper upkeep.

Today’s post reviews the research on preventative maintenance rates in Canada, then explains how TIRECRAFT is helping drivers simplify their to-do lists and save money. Read on to learn more, or contact a local TIRECRAFT to get a free quote on preventative maintenance services right away.

Proper Preventive Maintenance Takes ‘Your’ Time And Effort

“How does a vehicle that used to be reliable become unreliable?” asks the Automobile Protection Association. “One reason is owner neglect.”

Most of us know the kinds of preventative maintenance our cars require—and those who don’t, can find all the information they need in their owner’s manual—but knowing and doing are two very different things.

If you’ve been guilty of neglecting preventative maintenance, you’re certainly not alone. According to a 2018 research report by the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada:

  • Nearly all (96%) of drivers acknowledge how important it is to maintain proper tire inflation, but less than one-third (30%) of survey respondents measure tire pressure more than once per month.
  • The majority (86%) of drivers understand the importance of regular tire rotations to even out tread wear, yet only 59% of respondents had rotated their tires within the past 6 months, as recommended by most vehicle manufacturers.
  • Though misaligned tires remain a leading cause of uneven wear, shortened tread life, and catastrophic tire failure, more than one-third (34%) of drivers failed to check their tire alignment within the last year.

Why are so many Canadians falling short of ideal vehicle upkeep? Many neglect preventative maintenance because they want to put off the costs of service; other drivers struggle to create a proper maintenance schedule or find a qualified provider; and some have decided to hold off until the pandemic threat period has completely passed. Whatever your reason, neglecting preventative maintenance is costing you, but your local TIRECRAFT can help!

Read on to learn how we’re helping Canadians overcome common barriers to proper preventative maintenance and save on service, or contact your local TIRECRAFT to speak directly with a preventative maintenance specialist near you.

Automate Preventative Maintenance And Cut Upkeep Costs With TIRECRAFT

These are just a few of the policies we put in place to simplify preventative maintenance and help Canadians overcome common barriers to access:

  • One-stop shop for preventative maintenance—TIRECRAFT does it all under one roof, so you can cross off your entire to-do list with a single stop and rack up customer loyalty rewards points. You can review our complete list of preventative maintenance service offerings here.
  • Low prices on preventative maintenance services and replacement parts—Over the past 30+ years, we’ve been refining our business processes and strengthening supplier relationships with cost-control in mind, and we’re proud to pass these savings on to you, the customer.
  • Simplified preventative maintenance schedule—Tired of trying to keep track of your preventative maintenance schedule? Use our online service schedule, or ask your local TIRECRAFT technicians to send you automatic alerts when it’s time to roll into the shop for upkeep.
  • COVID-safe preventative maintenance services—While many COVID-19 restrictions are being phased out in Ontario, our team remains committed to stopping the spread and keeping Canadians safe. We’ve been donning masks, screening employees and customers, limiting in-store access, deep-cleaning common touchpoints, and maintaining social distance throughout the pandemic, and if you’re concerned about potential exposure, we’ll accommodate you anyway we can, even after safety mandates officially end.
  • Preventative maintenance discounts and freebies—At TIRECRAFT, we believe that preventative maintenance should not be cost-prohibitive, and we know that nobody is committed to customer savings like us! We offer free preventative maintenance services as part of our Advantage Plus Program; we frequently offer great deals on upkeep services via our Promotions page; and customers can collect discount dollars on any preventative maintenance service to unlock future savings via our customer loyalty program.

Get A Free Quote On Preventative Maintenance Services: Call TIRECRAFT

With more than 300+ TIRECRAFT preventative maintenance centers across Canada, it’s never been easier to keep your car in shape.

Use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to get in touch with a representative in your area and get a free quote on any preventative maintenance service.


TRAC. (2018, May 1). TRAC Omni Report. Tire and Rubber Association of Canada.