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Preventative Maintenance Matters: How To Avoid 3 High-Priced Repairs

Preventative maintenance on your vehicle can be your biggest money saver, or your biggest money sinker. Today’s post explains how preventative maintenance can help you avoid three of the most cost-intensive repairs—and how TIRECRAFT can help you save even more on your essential upkeep.

Read on to learn more, or contact your local TIRECRAFT to start a free consultation with a preventative maintenance specialist near you.

Steer Clear Of Costly Transmission Failure With Preventative Maintenance

It is not unusual for transmission repairs to cost between $1200 to $5000. Manual transmissions tend to cost a bit less to fix, but they’re still on the higher end of the cost continuum.

Fortunately, you can avoid this big-ticket repair with proper preventative maintenance. At TIRECRAFT, we recommend booking a transmission service after 40,000km or 24 months of driving—whatever comes first.

During your service, you can expect to have your transmission fluid flushed and replaced, along with:

  • A complete examination of the sump pump or pan (if possible)
  • A filter replacement
  • A thorough cleaning of the pan and pan gasket replacement

Furthermore, it is also a good idea to have your transmission fluid checked regularly and replaced as needed to keep your transmission in good working order.

If you have any questions about your current transmission service schedule, get in touch with our team.

Stop Head Gasket Failures Before They Start With Preventative Maintenance

The head gasket, which is found between the block and cylinder head, is a critical component of your vehicle, sealing the top and bottom halves of the engine to prevent oil and coolant from mixing.

If you’ve ever had your engine overheat, you’ve spotted a leak, or you’ve caught a whiff of engine coolant on the road, you may have a cracked head gasket on your hands.

To prevent a costly replacement and potentially dangerous failure on the road, ask your preventive maintenance expert to:

  • Keep engine coolant at the proper level, as per the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Test your engine coolant on a regular basis
  • Stay on top of your engine oil flush and filter cleaning/replacement services

Keep Your Camshaft In Shape With Regular Oil Changes

Your vehicle’s camshaft is another critical (and frequently overlooked) component, which triggers the valves in the cylinder head, mixing fuel and air, controlling exhaust to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Camshaft replacements can be costly, but they’re easy to prevent. If you have your mechanic perform regular oil changes with quality oil suited to your vehicle and driving demands, you should be just fine.

Call TIRECRAFT: Get A Free Quote On Preventative Maintenance Near Me

Since 1990, we’ve helped hundreds of Canadians cut costs and avoid expensive repairs with a full suite of preventative maintenance services, and we can do the same for you.

To find a TIRECRAFT technician near you, and find out how we can save you money with the MyTIRECRAFT Rewards program, use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool on our website.