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Reduce Upkeep Costs: 8 Ways To Save On Your Next Auto Service

Trying to keep your car in shape on a budget? TIRECRAFT is here to help.

Read on to learn 4 ways to adjust your daily driving and upkeep habits for better cost control, plus 4 more ways your local TIRECRAFT can help you save, or contact your local TIRECRAFT to get a free quote on auto service.

Reduce Upkeep Costs: 4 Ways For Drivers To Reduce Auto Service Fees

While your choice of auto service center counts for a lot, there’s plenty you can do on your own to save money on car repairs and maintenance.

1. Brake with your budget in mind. Riding or slamming the brake in your day to day driving can really accelerate wear, forcing you into the shop for repairs much sooner.

2. Steer clear of road hazards. The threat posed by some hazards, like sharp scrap metal, big rocks, and nails, is obvious, while others, like potholes and train tracks, are more insidious, working slowly to damage tires, wheels, suspension, and steering over time. Drive carefully and do your best to steer clear of all hazards. If you must drive over potholes or train tracks, go slowly.

3. Follow your recommended auto service schedule. Read your owner’s manual and take the manufacturer’s advice to heart. While you may not be thrilled about forking over the money for a tire rotation when you don’t see any visible damage, for example, it could help get an extra season out of your tires, and save you the expense of an early replacement.

4. Invest in regular oil changes. Changing your oil regularly is one of the best things you can do for your vehicle’s holistic health. If possible, invest in synthetic oil—although it’s a bit more expensive up front, it will outlast standard oil and perform better in extreme hot or cold, too.

Shop Smart: 4 More Ways To Save On Auto Service At Your Local TIRECRAFT

1.Locate a one-stop auto service shop. Reputable one-stop auto service shops like ours help drivers save time and money by offering everything they need under one roof. Compared to working with multiple shops for different services, this not only cuts down on fuel costs and wasted work hours, but also creates more opportunities for loyalty rewards. Plus the technician will get to know your vehicle over time, which can speed up the inspection and repair process.

2. Cash in your MyTIRECRAFT Rewards points. If you’ve been banking rewards points through our exclusive customer loyalty program, now’s the time to cash them in for a serious auto service discount. Some loyal customers might even walk away without paying a cent for their auto service!

If you haven’t started collecting your MyTIRECRAFT Rewards points, sign-up is easy, and the sooner you get started, the more you’ll save over the long-term. Simply download the MyTIRECRAFT Rewards app in the App Store or on Google Play, and you can start collecting rewards points right away.

3. Get free auto services through the Advantage Plus Program. If you signed up for our exclusive national warranty, the Advantage Plus Program, you may be eligible for FREE flat tire repairs and tire rotations, in addition to our standard Road Hazard protection and extended 12-month, 20,000km mechanical warranty. Rotations must be booked by appointment only and will be performed by the manufacturers’ recommended tire schedule, but booking is easy!

4. Take advantage of TIRECRAFT’s seasonal service discounts. We’re constantly rolling out new deals, tire rebates, and service discounts, giving you plenty of ways to save year-round.

For example, we’re currently providing tradesmen who buy 4 BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 tires with:

  • $100 rebate for members of an approved association; $70 rebate for local tradespeople without a membership
  • 2 years of free 24-hour worksite and roadside assistance, which includes flat tire change assistance, emergency battery replacements, towing, supply delivery, and lockout services
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee

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