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Save Money On Maintenance: Why Choose TIRECRAFT For Car Oil Changes

Looking beyond our ASE-certified skills and 30+ years of car oil change success stories, today’s post highlights 3 more reasons Canadians choose TIRECRAFT for their preventative maintenance.

Read on or contact your local TIRECRAFT to get a free quote on your next car oil change from an ASE-certified mechanic.

Go Pro With TIRECRAFT: Head Off Bylaw Headaches And Maintenance Mistakes

Thinking about saving money with a DIY car oil change? Make sure you know the risks. Not only could you end up costing yourself more money with a botched car oil change, but you could end up paying extra for a bylaw violation!

“Many municipalities have bylaws that prohibit automotive repairs being performed on residential properties,” writes Brian Turner in a report for Driving.ca.

Admittedly, most of these bylaws are not aimed at driveway oil changers, but instead are designed to:

  • Prohibit people from running auto repair businesses out of their homes
  • Minimize personal injury suffered during DIY repair attempts
  • Minimize the environmental risks posed by improper storage and disposal of vehicle fluids

Still, it’s a good idea to check with your local municipality first, or else you could end up having to pay a penalty. Better yet, just leave it up to the TIRECRAFT team. Our ASE-certified car oil change experts always do great work, and you’ll never need to pay penalties or buy supplies for your DIY attempt.

Save As You Spend: Earn Rewards Points For Your Car Oil Change

It’s often said that a car oil change isn’t an expense, it’s an investment. This saying refers to the fact that, over time, regular car oil changes will save you tons of money on engine repairs and parts replacements. But with TIRECRAFT, car oil changes don’t just save you money, they make you money, too, thanks to the MyTIRECRAFT Rewards program.

Here’s the bottom line: our customer loyalty program allows you to earn rewards points on every dollar you spend, plus $20 for signing up and $10 for every customer you send our way. These rewards points can be spent like cash to drive down the costs of any future services or tire/part purchases. In this way, the more you spend on car oil changes, the more you save on future maintenance and upgrades.

Save On Car Oil Changes: Take Advantage Of Seasonal Promotions

In addition to the cost control offered by our customer loyalty programs, we frequently roll out seasonal maintenance packages on the TIRECRAFT Promotions page, allowing customers to save even more on maintenance by bundling multiple services together. So before you book your next car oil change, be sure to check back—a few clicks could save you a substantial chunk of money.

Free Quote On Car Oil Changes—Contact Your Local TIRECRAFT

Since 1990, we’ve been helping Canadian drivers control their maintenance costs and keep on top of their car oil changes, and we can do the same for you.

Use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to speak directly with an ASE-certified technician and get a free quote on your next car oil change.