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Save Money Over The Long Haul: Top-3 Commercial Tire Maintenance Tips

Today’s post is all about saving your fleet money over the long haul through proper commercial tire maintenance. Read on for three tips to help you get more tread life out of your next commercial tire purchase, or contact a local TIRECRAFT for a free consultation straight away.

Keep Commercial Tires Properly Inflated At All Times

Driving on commercial tires with improper inflation pressure is extremely dangerous, increasing the risk of excessive heat buildup and internal structure damage, and making it more likely for tires to be cut, punctured, or broken by sudden impact. Proper inflation also improves tread wear and fuel consumption.

It’s impossible to determine whether your commercial tires are properly inflated with visual inspections or “tire billy” taps, so make sure you keep a calibrated tire gauge in your vehicle at all times. Check tire pressure regularly, after the tires have cooled down (approximately three hours after driving), making sure the pressure matches that recommended on the tire sidewall.

Commit To Regular Commercial Tire Inspections

To make sure your commercial tires stay in good operating condition, commit to regular inspections.

Look for:

  • Punctures or other evidence of damage
  • Distortions or undulations (ripples and/or bulges) in the tire sidewall
  • Cuts, snags, or chips that expose any body, ply cords, or steel wire

Feel for:

  • Soft spots in the commercial tire’s sidewall flex area
  • Distortions or undulations in the sidewall
  • Protruding wire filaments indicating broken cords

Listen for:

  • Snapping, popping, or crackling sounds on the road
  • Cycling chirping, squealing, or growling

If you detect any of these warning signs, or your commercial tires are nearing the end of their treadlife, book with your local TIRECRAFT straight away.

Get Peace Of Mind With TIRECRAFT’s Commercial Tire Service Network

If you’re looking for a hands-free solution for your fleet’s commercial tire maintenance, consider joining TIRECRAFT’s Commercial Tire Service Network. Using a combination of web support and toll-free service, we provide a 24/7 solution for all your commercial tire needs, anywhere in Canada and most of the US, with 99% of calls completed within 90 minutes or less. Think of it like a CAA membership, only for your entire commercial fleet, and with way more service offerings.

By sourcing the services and expertise of more than 10,000 OEMs, commercial tire shops, and mechanical EBS providers from a single point of contact, you save time and money, while giving your fleet a serious edge over the competition. And to save you even more money on maintenance, members of the TIRECRAFT Commercial Tire Service Network also get pre-determined service rates, ensuring fair and consistent pricing, no matter where trouble strikes.

These are just a few of the services your fleet gets when you join the TIRECRAFT Commercial Tire Service Network:

  • Fleet survey and analysis
  • Scrape tire pile analysis
  • Commercial tire recommendations
  • Retreading programs
  • Commercial tire inflation monitoring/recommendations
  • Wheel torque and re-torque
  • Commercial tire service and repairs
  • Cost tracking
  • Out of service analysis
  • Mounted wheel programs
  • Yard checks as needed
  • Assistance with commercial tire inventory management
  • Rim refinishing
  • Emergency breakdown service 24/7/365, and more!

To learn more, visit the TIRECRAFT Tire Service Network page.

Get A Free Commercial Tire Consultation At Your Local TIRECRAFT

TIRECRAFT carries a complete and comprehensive line of commercial tires for a wide range of vehicles, including everything from passenger buses to freight trucks, as well as OTR tires. Drop by your local TIRECRAFT and browse all the top brands in a single visit, including:

As independent experts, we also provide unparalleled fleet support in-house, offering unbiased guidance for budgeting, repair, retreading, and commercial tire replacement.

Whatever you need, we can help—and with more than 330+ TIRECRAFT dealers across the country, qualified help is closer than you think.

Use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to locate a nearby dealership and get a free quote on your commercial tire order today.