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Save On Car Maintenance In 2022: Top Tips For Upkeep And Daily Driving

Many New Year’s resolutions center on saving money, and since your vehicle is typically one of your most valuable assets, second only to the home, controlling car maintenance costs is a great place to start.

Read on to learn some top tips for upkeep and daily driving to help you save on car maintenance in 2022, or contact your local TIRECRAFT to get a free quote from a certified expert near you.

Daily Driving Tips To Save On Car Maintenance In 2022

  • Keep your speed consistent—When you make the effort to maintain a consistent speed, rather than constantly punching the gas and slamming on the brakes, neither your engine nor your brake system has to work as hard, and your tire treads will thank you for it, too.
  • Steer clear of bumps, cracks, and potholes—Rough road conditions take a real toll on your vehicle over time, wearing down your steering, suspension, exhaust, and tires, all of which contribute to the costs of car maintenance. If you have no choice, do your best to slow down, drive smoothly over bumps and potholes, and minimize any jolting actions.
  • Keep your gas levels topped up—Did you know, when your fuel tank is low, your fuel pump is more likely to take in all the air and impurities collecting at the bottom of your tank, which causes much greater engine wear over time.
  • Drive your vehicle at least once per week—Just as too much drive time increases wear, too little time on the road is also very hard on your vehicle, putting more stress on your alternator, battery charge, and oil circulation system when you finally do decide to start it up. Cars are meant to be driven, so make time for a joy ride once per week!

Optimize Vehicle Upkeep To Reduce Car Maintenance Costs

As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! If you’d rather weigh your car maintenance costs by the ounce than the pound, make time for:

  • Oil changes—every 5,000km or 3 months of driving.
  • Tire rotation services—every 10,00km or 6 months of driving.
  • Wheel balancing services—every 20,000km or 12 months of driving.
  • Alignment service—every 20,000km or 12 months of driving.
  • Brake inspections—every 20,000km or 12 months of driving.
  • Cooling system upkeep—every 40,000km or 24 months of driving.
  • Engine service—every 40,000km or 24 months of driving.
  • Transmission service—every 40,000km or 24 months of driving.

To save time and money on these essential car maintenance services, find a one-stop TIRECRAFT car maintenance shop near you and take advantage of our cost-control policies.

Save On Car Maintenance Services With TIRECRAFT

Since 1990, TIRECRAFT has committed to helping Canadians save money and get great results on car maintenance services. Some of our most popular (and valuable!) ways to save include:

  • Car maintenance packages, offered regularly on our Promotions Page, which bundle multiple car maintenance services together to drive down the costs of your vehicle upkeep.
  • Rewards points and loyalty discounts on car maintenance services, courtesy of the MyTIRECRAFT Rewards program, which turns every dollar you spend into rewards points you can use to cut car maintenance costs down to size.
  • Free car maintenance services, including tire rotations and repairs, courtesy of the Advantage Plus Program. To learn more about how you can qualify for free car maintenance services with your next tire upgrade, get in touch with our team.

To learn more and get a free quote on your car maintenance service, contact your local TIRECRAFT auto shop.