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Sticky Tire Test Results: What Are The Best Summer Performance Tires?

Looking for sticky summer performance tires? TIRECRAFT can help. Reviewing research from the sticky tire gumshoes at Car and Driver magazine, today’s post lists the top-5 summer performance tires—all of which you’ll find at your local TIRECRAFT.

What Are The Best Summer Performance Tires?

Car and Driver magazine recently released their picks for the top-5 sticky summer performance tires, based on the results of a congressional-grade independent investigation. To assess each set of summer performance tires, the research team measured lateral grip, braking from 80km/h, tire sound, and lap times around a professional 10-acre test track in South Bend, Indiana.

“The circuit is short, at just 0.3 mile,” writes author Eric Tingwall, “but then long straights offer virtually no insight into a tire’s performance. This rapid-fire tire exam is a chain of constant cornering, with a slalom, a half-lap around the skidpad, and several tight right-handers that demand precise braking, a tidy line, and measured accelerator inputs.”

To top it all off, each set of summer performance tires was tested a second time, after the on-site sprinkler system had soaked the track with 380 gallons of water per minute.

After the dust settled, the following summer performance tires emerged as the top-5:

5. Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2

4. Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2

3. Pirelli P Zero

2. Continental ExtremeContact

1.Michelin Pilot Sport

So are these the stickiest summer performance tires on the market? No, not necessarily, but that’s the point—the best summer performance tires must be balanced, and sticky performance comes at a cost, one that most everyday drivers aren’t willing to pay.

As Tingwall explains, “it’s possible to buy stickier stuff, but the tires collected here exist in the sweet spot for street-performance tires, with excellent dry grip, impressive wet-weather performance, and extended tread life.”

In fact, the tires listed here are so balanced that several have become standard factory fitments on Porsches, BMW M cars, and Corvettes.

That said, if you’re looking for the absolute stickiest summer performance tires to give you an edge on the track, contact your local TIRECRAFT. We carry all the top brands of ultra performance tires, and our local tire techs will help you find the perfect fit.

Find The Best Summer Performance Tires — Contact TIRECRAFT

You’ll find all 5 of Car and Driver’s top-5 summer performance tire picks at your local TIRECRAFT, right alongside their main competitors, making for easy comparisons and smarter tire shopping. Moreover, because we’re not beholden to any single brand, our tire techs always guarantee honest, unbiased advice and 100% personalized summer performance tire recommendations.

To begin your free summer performance tire consultation, contact your local TIRECRAFT..