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Summer Tire Reviews: 3 Reasons Canadians Turn To TIRECRAFT

You can find thousands of summer tire reviews on third-party websites and in buyer’s guides, but TIRECRAFT is Canada’s summer tire review nonpareil! Today’s post runs down 3 reasons why Canadians turn to TIRECRAFT technicians for honest, unbiased, and personalized summer tire reviews.

1.   Find Summer Tire Reviews For All The Top Brands Under One Roof

If you’re turning to tire professionals for reviews, make sure you find a shop that’s experienced with different tire types. Generally speaking, the larger the selection, the greater their breadth of knowledge.

TIRECRAFT carries all the top summer and performance tire brands, including:

And since we stock all the top brands, we’re able to provide better summer tire reviews than our competitors, who may only be experienced with a few limited lineups. Our tire technicians will not only be able to tell you about specific tire products and features, we’ll also help you compare them against the brands’ top competitors, making sure you get the best value for your budget and unique driving needs.

2.   Find Unbiased Summer Tire Reviews At Your Local TIRECRAFT

Though we are authorized to sell all of the top brands, we’re neither beholden to any single manufacturer, nor incentivized to push any specific products. And that’s no accident; this was a deliberate decision we made early on so that we could offer 100% honest, unbiased reviews, and pull no punches when comparing different tire products.

3.   Find Customized Summer Tire Reviews At Your Local TIRECRAFT

At TIRECRAFT, we believe in changing the conversation about summer tires by putting people first. In a world where most tire-buying interactions start and end with a request for a “good price on a set of tires,” and most summer tire reviews speak in sweeping terms, we take a different approach, personalizing every review and recommendation for the individual.

When reviewing different summer tire options for you, we’ll factor in your unique budget, driving habits, preferred features, local weather, and more. We can even take a look at your current set of tires to examine your tread wear patterns. That’s something you won’t find from third-party review sites, or even in authoritative buyer guides from the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada.

Get Free Summer Tire Reviews: Contact Your Local TIRECRAFT

Use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to start a free consultation with a local summer tire specialist.