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Taking Consumer Research Beyond Reviews: Evaluating Tire Stores Near Me

Today’s post explains how to take your consumer research beyond traditional “review round-ups” using 4 easy-to-spot quality indicators. Read on or contact your local TIRECRAFT to speak directly with a tire specialist straight away.

Taking Tire Store Research Beyond Online Reviews

If you’re one of the 85% of consumers who conduct online research about a company before they buy, you’ve probably read countless reviews. And according to research by Inc.com, 84% of people now trust online reviews as much as real-life referrals from friends and family members. But are they painting a clear picture of the tire store in question?

“Companies constantly plant positive reviews of their own products and sully competitors’ products with negative reviews,” says Saoud Khalifah, founder and CEO of Fakespot, a site that ferrets out fake reviews, in an interview with Forbes magazine. For example, Fakespot data now suggests that up to 70% of the reviews you read on Amazon are completely fake.

If Amazon, the leader in eCommerce, is plagued by fake reviews, you can bet your tire budget that it happens on other third-party reviews sites, too. Granted, not all reviews are fake, and not all companies play dirty, but it’s still not a great idea to base your purchase decision entirely on questionable customer feedback.

So what other quality indicators can you use?

How To Evaluate Tire Stores Near Me: Top-4 Quality Indicators

1. Comprehensive tire catalogs.  Top brands don’t let just anyone sell their products. For example, anyone who wishes to become a Goodyear tire supplier must first complete the registration form, accept the Goodyear Code of Conduct, and interview with a Goodyear representative. Accordingly, any tire store that carries all the top brands will have successfully completed each of their unique screening processes. And if all the top tire manufacturers trust a tire store, you’re probably safe to do the same.

At TIRECRAFT, you can find and compare all the top tire brands under one roof.

2. One-stop tire shop and service center. One-stop shops save consumers time and money by eliminating the need for multiple store visits and creating more opportunities for bulk-buy discounts. But one-stop shops also indicate serious tire expertise, as the owner must be familiar with all tire types, repair techniques, and general automotive best practices in order to provide a true “full-service” experience. Accordingly, even if you’re only looking for a quick tire repair or a cheap set of winter tires, working with a one-stop shop like TIRECRAFT gives real peace of mind.

3. Participation in top brand tire rebates. In the same way tire brands don’t let anyone sell their products, they’re also quite discerning about who gets to participate in their rebate plans. Thus, not only do generous rebate plans save you money, they also tell you who’s worth working with. Check the TIRECRAFT Promotions page to see what offers are available to you.

4. Tire warranties. Quality companies put their money where their mouth is in the form of valuable warranties. In Ontario, parts and labour generally have a warranty for a minimum of 90 days or 5,000km under the Consumer Protection Act, and most top brands will provide limited manufacturer’s warranties, but quality tire stores will offer even more. Take the TIRECRAFT Advantage Plus Program for instance.

How To Locate TIRECRAFT Tire Stores Near Me

Use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to find one of our 220+ locations around the country and schedule a 100% free consultation.