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The Effects Of Winter Weather On Brake Pads: Save Money On Brake Pad Repairs

If you don’t understand the effects winter weather has on brake pads, you could end up overpaying for brake pad repair service. Read on to get informed, or contact your local TIRECRAFT brake pad repair specialist to start a free consultation straight away.

Understanding Winter Wear: Do I Need Brake Pad Repairs?

Nothing gets a driver’s attention like the sound of grinding or squealing noises coming from the brakes—especially with winter coming. Oh no, you think, not now! Your brakes are your number-one defense against poor road conditions and dangerous drivers, and the last thing you need is a big brake pad repair bill.

Before you resign yourself to a costly brake pad repair, know that Old Man Winter may be the cause of these troubling sounds, and it could be nothing to worry about.

When you drive your vehicle, snow and water sprays up onto your brake pads and rotors. And if the temperatures dip below freezing, that water turns to ice, which will make all sorts of squealing noises if you pump the brakes while the car’s still cold.

Usually these sounds are neither permanent nor problematic. As your brakes heat up, the ice should melt off, the sounds should go away, and the brake pads and rotors ought to work just fine.

Of course, all that moisture does pose a risk of rust buildup, which can lead to some big brake pad repair costs down the road. But we can help you there, too.

If you have any doubts about the state of your brakes or the sounds they make, get in touch with our brake pad repair specialists. We can quickly and accurately diagnose the sounds you’re hearing, and every consultation is free. Should you need a repair, download the MyTIRECRAFT Rewards app, and you’ll earn rewards points that you can use to drive down the costs of your service.

Reduce The Risks Of Rust-Jacking And Save On Brake Pad Repair

As mentioned above, winter weather also brings greater risk of rust build-up, and not just for passenger vehicles. In fact, according to Truck News, corrosion is a $2.2-trillion industrial problem for fleet managers, and “rust-jacking” might be public enemy number-one.

The term “rust-jacking” refers to a common problem some long-haul truckers face when driving on winter roads where harsh anti-icing liquids are used.

These winter road solvents, combined with the moisture that penetrates the brake shoe coating while the equipment is at rest, can cause rust to build up on the brake shoe table. And as this rust builds up, it pushes outwards against the lining, jacking it up between the rivets until the lining cracks, greatly reducing the lifespan and effectiveness of your braking system.

If you’re a trucker or fleet manager, and you’re tired of rust-jacking racking up a big brake pad repair bill every year, contact your local TIRECRAFT. Regular maintenance is the most powerful weapon in the fight against rust-jacking, and our fleet maintenance services include everything you need to keep your brakes in shape for longer.

Get A Free Quote On Brake Pad Repair Near Me: Contact TIRECRAFT

Get in touch with your local TIRECRAFT to get a free quote on your next brake pad repair service at no cost.


Park, Jim. (2017, May 2). Rust never sleep: There are ways to combat corrosion. Truck News.