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Tire Depot Near Me: 5 Reasons To Go Pro With Off-Season Tire Storage

It’s time to switch to your snow tires in Ontario—where will you store your off-season tires? Today’s post highlights 5 reasons to go pro and stow your set at our local tire depot.

Read on or contact your local TIRECRAFT to get a free quote from our team.

Winter Is Coming—Where Will You Store Your Off-Season Tires?

Winter is coming! If you live and drive in Ontario, it’s almost time to switch over to your snow tires. Most experts recommend changing over to your winter set sometime between Thanksgiving and Easter, which is usually when temperatures fall to 7°C or below.

If you haven’t sorted out your off-season tire storage situation, now’s the time. For some, that could mean clearing out space in the garage or workshop, away from any electric motors, direct sunlight, or chemicals. But what if you don’t have the space?

Storing tires outside, even covered, is never recommended, as temperature swings, moisture, and sunlight can lead to major tire damage. Why risk it when you could store them safely at a tire depot right near you and unlock all of the following benefits?

Why Contact A Tire Depot Near Me? 5 Reasons To Go Pro With TIRECRAFT

1. Reclaim your garage or workshop space.  Space is scarce in busy garages and workshops. When you store your off-season tires at our local tire depot, you get more room for fun activities and big projects.

2. Off-season storage convenience.  There’s more to proper tire storage than simply clearing space. To protect your investment, you’ll need to invest some effort into proper stowing and climate control. That means cleaning your tires properly (although you can skip the dressings), bagging them up, and finding somewhere cool, dry, moderately ventilated, and clear of direct sunlight, fuels, lubricants, solvents, or ozone produced by electric motors, at the very least. Working with our local tire depot automates all of these storage errands, so you can spend time on the things that matter to you.

3. Keep your tires healthy.  Clearly, there’s a lot that goes into proper storage, and while you may not be a tire expert, there’s one ready to help at your local TIRECRAFT. Our tire depot follows all the best practices for tire storage, helping you get more tread life and travel time out of your summer set.

4. No extra stops—roll storage into your standard changeover service.  As one of Canada’s only true one-stop shops for automotive care, we’re proud to offer tire changeover and storage, all under one roof at our local tire depot. We’ll store your tires as soon as they come off of your vehicle. In this way, we save Canadians time and money with every changeover service.

5. Earn rewards points for seasonal tire storage.  With the MyTIRECRAFT Rewards program, every dollar you spend on off-season tire storage earns you rewards points that can be used to drive down the price of future tire purchases or auto services.

Free Quote From A Tire Depot Near Me: Contact TIRECRAFT

Use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to get a free quote on off-season tire storage.