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Tire Replacement Red Flags: 5 Signs It’s Time To Visit A Local Tire Shop

Tire upkeep not only saves you money—it saves lives, too. If you spot any of the following tire replacement red flags, make sure you visit a local tire shop for help straight away.

Read on or contact your local TIRECRAFT tire shop to speak directly with a specialist.

How Long Has It Been Since You Last Visited Your Local Tire Shop?

Though it’s highly variable, based on individual driving habits, upkeep effort, and road conditions, tires do have an expiration date.  Accordingly, the easiest way to determine whether or not it’s time for new tires is to think back to when you last bought a set.

Most local shops agree that tires need to be seriously scrutinized at the 6-year mark, at which point most of the tread will probably have worn down and your Limited Warranty coverage will have expired. Likewise, most experts agree that all tires should be swapped out after 10 years, regardless of their brand name or how much tread they have left.

But even if it’s been less than 6 years since you last visited your local tire shop, and you aren’t seeing any of the red flags discussed below, it’s still worth your while to book a free consultation, as tire technology is evolving at breakneck speeds. Today’s tires greatly outperform 5-year old models, both in terms of handling and how much they can save you at the pump, and they’re better for the planet, too!

Replacement Red Flags: 5 Signs It’s Time To Visit A Local Tire Shop

1. The wear indicator bar is rearing its ugly head. Wear bars, which run perpendicular to the tread, are designed specifically to help consumers assess their tire health at-a-glance. If you notice the level of the wear bar is almost flush with the rest of the tread, you need to visit your local tire shop ASAP.

2. There are visible cracks in the tire sidewall. Cracks, cuts, and grooves in the tire sidewall can all compromise your tire, putting you at high risk of dangerous leaks and blowouts.

3. The sidewall is spotted with bulges and blisters. Just like cracks, cuts, and grooves, bulges and blisters are a sure sign that it’s time for time replacement—in fact, they’re even more serious. If you notice bulges or blisters, contact your local tire shop straight away—your vehicle may not be safe to drive.

4. You feel significant vibration while driving. If you experience an unusual amount of vibration while driving, it’s time to visit your local tire shop. While your tires might be in perfectly good shape, they might be misaligned or out-of-balance, which will greatly accelerate tread-wear.

5. Your tires are trying to tell you something. Are you hearing strange sounds from your tires? Roaring, humming, or grinding sounds should never be ignored, as they often stem from under inflation issues or misalignments, which can cause major damage when left unchecked.

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