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TIRECRAFT Exeter Helps Derrick Get Ahead

Here at TIRECRAFT we Help Canadians Get Ahead in Life. We deliver real service to help keep your vehicle operating the way it’s been designed and at the same time ensure your investment is protected.

Here’s a recent story of us doing just that.

Meet Derrick,

Derrick loves foreign vehicles. He’s a proud owner of a Porsche Caymen S and a Mercedes SUV.

Here’s what Derrick had to say about his recent experience at our Exeter location where our team worked closely with him to get his car driving smoother than ever!

Hello, I would like to acknowledge the fantastic customer service I recently received from your Exeter location. Specifically,  Justin House and your tech Matt, who helped resolve some tire and suspension issues on my Porsche Caymen S. Originally I brought the vehicle into Justin and we did a short test drive and he decided a road force balancing would be a good starting point. Justin did this and ironically the condition became worse. However, he got the vehicle back in the same afternoon and diagnosed that one tire had delamination of the inner sidewall. The debris inside the wheel in turn caused the wheel to go out of balance on each rotation. Justin figured this out and then assisted with a warranty claim with Michelin. This ended positively and the claim was approved a new set of front tires were ordered and installed. 

The saga continues. Still a small vibration existed and after discussing this with Matt, we concluded it may be the left side inner tie rod. I spoke to Justin and the following week I had an oil change, a tie rod replaced and an alignment. Though not a typical car you would work on, your team had earned my trust and the Porsche specialists I had relied upon in the past did not resolve this issue. 

Justin did a rebalance of the tires while Matt worked on the other items, and re-orientated the tires on the wheels to attain the best road force solution. 

The end result was that the car I purchased 4 years ago, was now driving smoother and handling tighter and more responsive than it ever has since I’ve owned it. I thought the ride was great before, and now it’s simply amazing! 

In the past year your team has also serviced my Mercedes SUV, brakes and oil change and the service was excellent also. At that time, I mentioned I was getting oil drips in my driveway and thought it was coming from the oil drain plug. Matt identified the source as being a sloppy previous oil change at another garage where oil had been spilled over the engine. 

All in all, the guys, Lloyd and the other Justin have all provided great service. Justin House and Matt went the extra mile and you now have a very happy customer who will keep coming back! 


Derrick M