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TIRECRAFT Oil Dish: Top-5 Customer Questions About Vehicle Oil Changes

In today’s post, the TIRECRAFT team dishes all about vehicle oil changes, answering the top-5 questions asked by Canadian drivers. Read on or contact your local TIRECRAFT for a free quote on any standard or synthetic oil change.

1.  How Often Should I Schedule Vehicle Oil Changes?

Oil changes are one of the most common and widely known types of vehicle maintenance, which makes it all the more surprising to see the amount of confusion surrounding this question.

Automakers might be to blame. According to a new article published on Driving.ca, automakers of every stripe have been increasingly inflating claims about extended service internals in an attempt to win more customers. In some cases, these “extensions” can range up to 24,000km between vehicle oil changes. And who wouldn’t want that? After all, fewer oil changes means less maintenance chores and upkeep costs. But in most cases, these estimates aren’t realistic, even if you’re using synthetic oil and driving a new car, and they could lead to more serious maintenance costs down the line.

If you use standard oil, most dealership service departments and independent repair shops promote service intervals of 5,000km, or every three months—whichever comes first. That’s what we recommend for optimal performance at TIRECRAFT, and it’s what most vehicle’s automatic service reminder monitors use, too. In contrast, synthetic oils may be able to take your vehicle as far as 10,000km between services, though more frequent vehicle oil changes are recommended.

2.  How Often Should I Check The Oil?

To stay safe on the road, we recommend checking the oil levels at least once per month. If you notice any leakage, milky white colouration, or any small metal particles, contact your local TIRECRAFT straight away.

3. When Is Synthetic Oil Necessary?

Synthetic oil is designed to withstand higher temperatures and resist breakdown better than its conventional counterpart. If you drive in extreme climates or make a living hauling heavy loads, synthetic oil can help protect the engine from strain and sludge buildup.

Some vehicles only run on synthetic oil. To determine whether your vehicle needs synthetic oil, or to find out if there’s value in switching over, check the owner’s manual, or contact your local TIRECRAFT for a free consultation.

4.  What Should I Do With Used Oil After My Vehicle Oil Change?

Believe it or not, most oil can be recycled. Never dispose of used oil in a storm drain or in trash cans. Instead, deposit used oil at a certified collection center, or leave it to your TIRECRAFT technician.

5.  What Do Vehicle Oil Changes Cost?

If you use conventional oil, oil and filter change service typically runs between $50 to $75, whereas synthetic oil changes usually cost $65 to $125.

If you’re looking to rein in the costs of your vehicle maintenance, consider bundling vehicle oil changes with tire rotations and other upkeep services, and taking advantage of the MyTIRECRAFT Rewards program. Your local TIRECRAFT offers a huge selection of maintenance services, including wheel balancing, tire rotation, alignment, brake inspection, cooling system upkeep, engine service, and transmission service, giving you practically endless opportunities to bundle services together and save money.

Contact your local TIRECRAFT to save money on your next vehicle oil change and get the best synthetic oil change price.