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TIRECRAFT Tips – Holiday Driving

The holiday season is officially here. Typically we hear about holiday travel in the sky, but in reality the majority of people who travel during the holidays are using their vehicles to drive to their destinations. Whether you and your family are driving minutes or hours, be sure to follow these TIRECRAFT Tips to make your road trip a safe and happy experience!

1. Basic Maintenance

Make sure you fully inspect your vehicle before leaving the driveway. Ensure all lights are working, winter tires are installed and properly inflated, windshield wiper blades are operational, and all fluids are topped up. It’s also a good idea to keep an extra bottle of washer fluid in the trunk as a backup.

2. Emergency Road Kit

A fully stocked Emergency Road Kit should be in your vehicle at all times. Your kit should include: a first aid kit, jumper cables, show brush, ice scraper, extra blankets, water & snacks, a flashlight and small shovel.

3. Check the Weather & Map Route

Be proactive and plan ahead. Check weather conditions for your route and destination so you know what types of weather to expect. Map your route accordingly from this information – detouring to avoid bad weather or heavy traffic.

4. Review Winter Driving Techniques

Lastly, it is always beneficial to review winter driving techniques before hitting the roads. Things to remember include: increasing your following distance, accelerating and decelerating slowly, and giving yourself extra travel time. For longer road trips, it is ideal to take regular breaks while traveling to reduce fatigue.

The holidays are a great opportunity to celebrate and spend time with loved ones. By following our TIRECRAFT Tips, planning ahead, driving safely, and having patience while driving, you can arrive to your destination, near or far, safely.

Wishing everyone safe travels during this holiday season from your TIRECRAFT Family. Real People Servicing Real Life.