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Top-3 Tips For Smoother Tire Replacements

Want to save time and money on your upcoming tire replacement? Make sure to follow these three tips, or skip today’s post and contact an ASE-certified technician near you right away.

1.  Examine The Tread Often For Timely Tire Replacements

The sooner you spot tread problems, the safer you’ll be on the road—and the less wear and tear your vehicle has to take. Start by checking for cracks and signs of wear, as often as you’re able. Most signs of trouble are easy to spot. Are there any noticeable cuts or grooves? Do you see any blisters or bulging in the rubber? If so, schedule a tire replacement as soon as you can.

Additionally, at least once per month, before embarking on a long drive, take the time to run a quick tread test.

We recommend the Quarter Test, coined in a great article by our partners at Michelin. It’s quick and easy, totally beginner-friendly, and all it takes is a bit of spare change. Here’s the gist:

  • Grab a Canadian quarter between your thumb and forefinger, with the quarter head facing down
  • Select a point on the tire where the tread appears the lowest
  • Insert the quarter head-first into one of the grooves
  • If the top of the figurehead is covered by tread, you’re in the clear, and you can wait a bit longer before you schedule your next tire replacement
  • If you can still see the top of the figurehead, you’re driving with a dangerously low amount of tread, and you should book a tire replacement with an ASE-certified technician as soon as possible

2.  Replace Seasonal Tires All At Once, Never Piecemeal

If you’ve been driving for a number of years, you may remember a time when people mounted their snow tires only on the drive wheels. Unless it was an all-wheel-drive vehicle, which meant some drivers went around with mismatched tires.

Nowadays, we recognize that a vehicle should have four matching tires—same model, same type, and yes, even the same degree of wear—and that means replacing them all at once, never piecemeal. Why? Because disparate tire types create too many variables, and all of the differences in handling, balance, traction, and rolling resistance make performance unpredictable.

For best results on your next seasonal tire replacement, make sure you replace your tires altogether, with 4 of the same tires!

If you need to repair a single damaged tire, make sure it’s of the same type, and consider tire shaving to even out the wear. Mixing and matching tires not only puts you and other drivers at risk, but also compounds uneven wear issues.

3.  Partner With An All-In-One Tire Replacement Shop

One-stop tire replacement shops can save you time and money, especially if you need multiple services at once (e.g. wheel balancing with your tire replacement) or if you haven’t yet purchased your replacement set.

At TIRECRAFT, you’ll find everything you need, from ASE-certified tire replacement and repair services, to the full panoply of top tire brand lineups. The value of our full-service tire replacement is made even better by our customer loyalty program, which earns you rewards points for every dollar you spend, allowing you to drive down the costs of future tire sets or services.

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