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Toyo Tire Dealers Near Me: Fight Inflation And Control Costs With TIRECRAFT

Toyo Tires may be raising consumer and commercial tire prices in Canada in 2022, but don’t despair—TIRECRAFT Toyo tire dealers can help you fight inflation, control costs, and get more for your money.

Read on to learn why so many Canadians choose TIRECRAFT over other Toyo Tire dealers, or get in touch with our team straight away to get a free quote on your next set.

Toyo Tire Prices May Soon Be On The Rise—Save With TIRECRAFT

In response to the increasing costs of raw materials and supply chain logistics due to COVID-19, Toyo Tire USA Corp intends to increase dealer base prices on passenger car, light truck, and commercial truck tire patterns up to 10%, effective February 1st, 2022, according to a new report by Tire Review (Winer, 2021).

While no official statement has been made regarding prices in Canada, preliminary reports by Tire Business indicate these changes will also be implemented in North American markets.

But don’t sweat it—should that day come, your local TIRECRAFT can help you save, even more than just this potential price hike. In fact, we already have several active cost control policies and value-adds in place, which together save Canadian’s hundreds of dollars per year, and get them much more than they’d receive shopping elsewhere.

Here’s a few ways we help our customers fight inflation, control costs, and gain more than they’d receive from other Toyo Tire dealers:

  • Spend and save with the MyTIRECRAFT Rewards One of the best ways to cut costs is to download our customer loyalty rewards app and start banking reward points for your essential vehicle maintenance, repairs, and product purchases. That way, when it’s time for your Toyo Tire upgrade, you can cash in those rewards points, reduce the purchase price, and eliminate the effect of any potential tire inflation.

  • Take money off the purchase price with TIRECRAFT Promotions. We’re constantly rolling out money-saving promotions, rebate programs, and seasonal maintenance packages with our big bundling discounts on the Promotion’s page, so bookmark it and check back before you commit to your next Toyo Tire purchase. You could save even more than the potential costs of inflation with a single click.
  • Extend your Toyo Tire coverage with the Advantage Plus Program. In addition to your standard Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty, you can enjoy all the benefits of our Advantage Plus Program, which include an additional 12-month, 20,000km mechanical warranty, expanded Road Hazard Coverage, and FREE tire repairs and rotations for eligible customers. When you factor in this extended coverage and consider the value of free repair and maintenance services, inflation costs are already covered.
  • Compare budget-friendly alternatives with a qualified tire expert. Toyo Tires are a fantastic choice, but if the prospect of tire inflation is a deal-breaker, don’t despair there’s plenty of great alternatives out there. We carry all the best tires, and our friendly experts can help you compare them to find the best fit for your unique tire needs and budget.

Find Toyo Tire Dealers Near Me: Contact Your Local TIRECRAFT

To get in touch with our team, browse the complete Toyo Tire lineup under one roof, and start your personalized needs assessment, use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool on our website.


Winer, M. (2021, December 22). Toyo Tire to increase prices by February 1. Tire Review.