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Truck Tire Guide For Beginners: How To Buy Based On Driving Needs

When buying truck tires, money matters, but it shouldn’t be your only consideration. Read on to learn how to take a needs-based approach to your next truck tire purchase, or contact your local TIRECRAFT to start your consultation straight away.

Take A Needs-Based Approach To Buying Truck Tires

At TIRECRAFT, our mission is to change the conversation surrounding your next truck tire purchase by taking a personalized, needs-based approach to every recommendation we make.

But we’ve got our work cut out for us, since a typical truck tire consultation nowadays goes something like this:

“Hi, I’m looking for a new set of truck tires!”

“Okay. How much are you looking to spend?”

And once you give them a number, that’s pretty much it; the seller suggests a few tire options that come in under budget, and then you choose, without really knowing the difference between the products on offer. You walk out of the shop with your budget intact, but for all intents and purposes, your tires could have been chosen almost at random.

Money matters, certainly, but it shouldn’t be the sole criterion for your next truck tire purchase. At TIRECRAFT, every recommendation is made with your unique vehicle size, performance needs, local climate, and driving conditions in mind.

Truck Tire Recommendations Based On Unique Performance Needs

These are just a few examples of the needs-based truck tire recommendations you’ll get at your local TIRECRAFT:

Performance need Truck tire type
I want performance on dry and wet roads; I do not drive much in snow. Street/sport truck tire, like the Michelin Latitude
I mostly drive commercial trucks on highways Highway rib summer truck tires like the Cooper Discoverer HT3
I want versatile performance and a sporty appearance Street/sport all-season tires, like the Yokohama ADVAN Sport A/S All Season Truck tire
I want performance while off-roading and driving on rough terrain Off-road truck tires, like the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A/ KO Off-Road truck tire

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