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Vehicle Safety Inspections: Get Your Safety Standards Certificate At TIRECRAFT

Do you need a safety standards certificate (SSC)? No matter what you drive, or what condition your vehicle is in, our vehicle safety inspection team is here to help.

Read on to learn about your vehicle safety inspection requirements, or contact your local TIRECRAFT to schedule a free quote and consultation.

What Is A Safety Standards Certificate (SSC) Vehicle Safety Inspection?

In Ontario, the safety standards certificate (SSC) indicates that your vehicle meets the minimum safety standards stipulated by the Ministry of Transportation. To be specific, it is a “legal declaration that the vehicle was inspected in accordance with the legislation, Regulation 611.”

You cannot put a license plate on your vehicle or drive it without one, although you can buy, transfer ownership, and register a vehicle prior to receiving your SSC.

The SSC vehicle safety inspection is quite comprehensive, including review of the following:

  • Powertrain
  • Suspension
  • Brake systems
  • Steering system
  • Instruments and auxiliary equipment
  • Lamps
  • Electrical system
  • Body
  • Tire and wheels
  • Coupling devices

Additionally, each vehicle safety inspection will involve a road test that includes:

  • Driving in excess of 40km/h
  • Completing both left and right turns at full lock (maximum steering-wheel travel, against stop)
  • At least one heavy application of the service brakes from a minimum speed of 40km/h, decelerating the vehicle to a complete stop
  • Application and assessment of parking brake performance
  • Driving over at least one bump equivalent to approximately 5cm in height

For each SSC inspection, the inspecting technician must complete an inspection report in accordance with Ontario Regulation 601. The report must include the following items:

  • Tell-Tales indicating a fault
  • Fuel tank level
  • Tire tread depth
  • Tire inflation pressure (initial and final) if corrected by more than 5psi
  • Disc brake rotor thickness and material thickness of inner/outer brake pads
  • Brake shoe lining thickness and drum diameter, and more

Do I Need A SSC Vehicle Safety Inspection For My Vehicle?

Drivers need SSC vehicle safety inspections when:

  1. Registering a rebuilt vehicle
  2. Transferring a used vehicle to a new owner (unless the owner is your spouse!)
  3. Registering a vehicle in Ontario that shipped in from another province, territory, or country
  4. Changing the status of a vehicle from unfit to fit

If you are registering a used motorized snow vehicle, off-road vehicle, motor-assisted bicycle, or trailer, or transferring the vehicle to your spouse, SSC vehicle safety inspections are not required.

Get Your SSC At TIRECRAFT: Book A Vehicle Safety Inspection

Any licensed vehicle safety inspection station can give you an SSC, and with more than 300+ TIRECRAFT locations around the country, it’s never been easier to get your vehicle certified.

Additionally, in the event your car or truck fails its vehicle safety inspection, we can take care of any repairs, maintenance services, or part replacements that may be required.

To learn more about how we’re helping drivers save money (and save the planet!) with vehicle safety inspections, contact a TIRECRAFT vehicle safety inspection station near you.