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What Are The Best Car Tires For Gravel Roads?

What are the best car tires for driving on gravel roads? Today’s post highlights the unique challenges that gravel roads present for driver safety and tread life, then explains how to find the best car tires for these conditions, right at your local TIRECRAFT.

Read on or contact your local TIRECRAFT to begin a personalized car tire consultation straight away.

Gravel Roads Present Unique Challenges For Drivers, Studies Show

“Unpaved roads account for about 60% of Canada’s public road network,” writes Dr. Rashedi et al. (2018) in a recent report for the Transportation Association of Canada. That’s about 626,000km of public roadways in Canada, along with approximately 2,600,000km of the national road network in the US.

And though these road networks typically experience lower annual average daily traffic (AADT) rates, averaging less than 400 vehicles per day, gravel roads still play an important role in modern societies.

“They are an important means of product transport, are the lifeblood of many agriculture communities, provide access to remote communities and recreation areas, and serve local residents, especially in semi-urban and rural areas,” explains Dr. Rashedi et al. (2018).

However, essential though they may be, gravel roads also present unique safety and performance challenges for drivers, studies show.

“A large proportion of serious vehicle accidents occur on gravel roads,” says Sgt. Mark Hume from the RCMP Traffic Services Unit. In fact, one study by the Journal of Transportation Safety & Security estimated that gravel roads and “rural highways” accounted for more than half (53.7%) of total fatal crashes every year.

Additionally, gravel roads, with all their sharp and jagged edges, greatly increase the risks of tire damage and accelerate tread wear.

To maximize your tread life, road safety, and tire performance, you need to choose the right tires for the job. Fortunately, with more than 300+ TIRECRAFT locations around the country, each staffed by ASE-certified tire experts, buying the best car tires for gravel roads has never been easier.

Find The Best Car Tires For Gravel Roads At Your Local TIRECRAFT

The best car tires for gravel roads should provide cut-and-chip resistance, tough casings, and good traction. Fortunately, dozens of different car tires meet these basic requirements—you might even be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options!

To find the best car tires for your needs, schedule a personalized tire consultation at your local TIRECRAFT. We carry all the best car tires for gravel roads, in all different sizes, speed ratings, and seasonal designs. Our ASE-certified technicians will help you choose the best car tires for your unique needs and vehicle type, and we’ll help you compare top brands against their top competitors.

And whatever you choose, our national warranty program takes your manufacturer’s coverage even further, so you don’t have to fear the added wear and tear of driving on gravel.

To begin your free consultation and get a free quote on the best car tires for gravel roads, use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool.