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What’s Involved In A Motor Vehicle Inspection? Getting The FAQ Straight

Today’s post answers three common questions our customers ask about motor vehicle inspections. Read on to get the FAQ straight or contact your local TIRECRAFT to speak with a specialist straight away.

What’s Involved In A Motor Vehicle Inspection?

During a motor vehicle inspection, an ASE-certified TIRECRAFT tech will examine your vehicle and its components to make sure everything is running safely and effectively. As with our tire consultations, every motor vehicle inspection is personalized, but they can be roughly subdivided into three categories:

  • Courtesy inspections—This visual motor vehicle inspection focuses on common components, such as lights, oil, and wipers. It’s fast and minimally invasive. Typically offered during an oil change or tire changeover as a bonus service or “courtesy” to increase your odds of detecting any problems early.
  • Insurance inspections—This motor vehicle inspection is much more structured, comprehensive, and exacting, involving a full evaluation of the brakes, suspension, exhaust, and more. Insurance inspections are required by most provinces in order to insure any vehicle that is more than 10 years old. You can find full details on motor vehicle inspection criteria via the Ontario Ministry of Transportation’s Passenger / Light Duty Vehicle Inspection Standard document.
  • 20-point motor vehicle inspection—This motor vehicle inspection is typically sought proactively to detect any defective parts or major problems before they start to snowball. TIRECRAFT’s 20-point inspection evaluates oil life, tread wear, wheel balance/alignment, wiper blade condition, belts and hoses, fluid levels, shocks and struts, brakes, and more. Get full details on the TIRECRAFT Motor Vehicle Inspection page or contact your local TIRECRAFT provider to learn more.

Who Can Sign A Motor Vehicle Inspection Certificate?

In Ontario, the Ministry of Transportation licenses qualified garage operators to conduct mandatory motor vehicle safety and structural inspections to certify that all vehicles meet minimum safety and emissions requirements. To qualify as a “licensee,” all Motor Vehicle Inspection Stations (MVIS) must meet certain requirements and pay the licensing fee.

Accordingly, by law, only registered inspecting technicians, like our ASE-certified TIRECRAFT techs, can sign safety standards, structural inspections, annual inspections, and semi-annual inspection certificates.

For a full list of Signing Authorities, visit the Ontario Ministry of Transportation website.

Do I Need An Annual Inspection?

Motor vehicle inspection frequency depends on what you drive, and for what purposes. For example, as of July 1st, 2019, pickup trucks and trailers for personal use were made exempt from the requirement for an annual inspection. You can find complete details on the Ministry of Transportation website, or by contacting your local TIRECRAFT for a free consultation.

Free Quote On Motor Vehicle Inspections — Call TIRECRAFT

Use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to get a free quote on your motor vehicle inspection from an ASE-certified expert.