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Where To Find The Best All Weather Tires For Snow And Ice

The overwhelming majority of Canadians now use winter and all-weather tires to stay safe in the snow, according to TRAC’s 2020 Winter Tire report.

If you want better performance in snow and ice, but you’re not ready for a full winter set, read on—today’s post explains how to find the best all-weather tires, anywhere in Canada.

How To Find The Best All-Weather Tires: Top-3 Quality Indicators

If you’re unsure how to identify the best all-weather tires for snow and ice, start with the following quality indicators:

1 – Start with the 3PMSF symbol. The Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) symbol is exactly what it sounds like, a symbol depicting a mountain with three peaks and a snowflake. Sometimes known as the “Alpine symbol,” this marking, which is located on the tire’s sidewall, gives consumers a handy point of reference, indicating that the tire in question meets minimum industry standards for cold-weather performance.

To receive this marking, all-weather tires must complete the ASTM F1805 acceleration traction test on medium-packed snow in standardized winter conditions, performing at >110% of the standard reference test tire.

2. Look for endorsements from consumer research reports. The ASTM F1805 test is a great starting point, but it doesn’t tell the whole story—and it’s also nearly 25 years old. Much more intensive all-weather tire research is now being conducted by authoritative non-profit associations that advocate for consumer interests in the marketplace, like the Automobile Protection Association (APA). Accordingly, if you want complete confidence in your all-weather tires, it’s a good idea to look at recent third-party research, like the Automobile Protection Association’s 2019-2020 All Weather Tire tests. Alternatively, you can skip the research and simply contact your local TIRECRAFT, where you’ll find all the APA’s top all-weather tire picks under one roof.

3. Look for generous treadwear warranties. If possible, buy only from brands with supreme confidence in their products. For all-weather tire manufacturers, confidence comes in the form of a generous treadwear warranty. For example, the Toyo Celsius CUV All-Weather, a top-performer in the APA’s independent testing (and a top seller at your local TIRECRAFT), comes with treadwear coverage for 100,000km at S, T, and H Speeds, or for 5 years from the date of manufacture—whichever comes first.

Find The Best All-weather Tires For Snow And Ice At Your Local TIRECRAFT

Even if you filter your tire search results using the above mentioned quality indicators, you’ll still find dozens of all-weather tire options at your local TIRECRAFT. As one of Canada’s top all-weather tire sellers, we’re proud to stock all the top brand names, including:

No matter your budget and tire tastes, you’ll find everything you need at your local TIRECRAFT. And no matter what all-weather tire option you choose, you’ll get more for your money, thanks to our Advantage Plus Program, tire rebate programs, and the MyTIRECRAFT Rewards App.

Get in touch with a local TIRECRAFT expert to schedule your free all-weather tire consultation. With more than 220 TIRECRAFT locations across the nation, trusted tire advice is closer than you think!