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Where To Store Tires Near Me: Go Pro With TIRECRAFT To Save Time And Money

As we’ve discussed in the past, proper off-season tire storage is critical for your vehicle’s performance, safety, and fuel economy, as well as your tire’s tread life and warranty.

But suppose you lack the time, space or special climate-control tools needed to do it right. Where do you turn?

Nowadays, Ontario drivers have more options than ever, from dealerships to general storage facilities, but if you want to save the most time and money, TIRECRAFT is your ultimate destination for professional storage solutions.

Read on to learn why so many drivers choose our local storage centers to protect their tire investments during the off-season, or contact your local TIRECRAFT to speak directly with a storage specialist near you.

Where To Store Tires Near Me: 7 Reasons To Go Pro With TIRECRAFT

1. Optimal tire storage conditions—guaranteed. While there might be room in your shed, garage, or local storage locker, these storage conditions can put your rubber at risk, exposing your tires to UV rays, ozone-emitting equipment, grease and gasoline, or unstable temperatures, all of which can shorten tread life, compromise tire compounds, and lead to dry rot.

But when you choose TIRECRAFT, you never have to worry, as your tires rest easy in a climate-controlled facility managed by bonafide storage experts. Our experts follow all storage best practices recommended by top tire manufacturers, and we guarantee your warranty will never be at risk.

2. Affordable storage solutions. Our storage fees are fair and far less than you’d pay to rent a storage locker, and we frequently offer storage discounts to help you save even more. Be sure to bookmark our Promotions page and check back regularly so you don’t miss any opportunities to save.

3. No storage start-up costs. To meet tire manufacturers’ recommendations for climate-controlled storage, many people will need to invest in hygrometers, insultation, heaters, and/or air conditioning solutions, especially if they are using garage or shed spaces. In many cases, these costs exceed what you’d pay for professional storage, and you miss out on rewards points in the process.

4. No space constraints. Many people simply don’t have the space to stow their tires at home without running afoul of one of the manufacturers’ storage recommendations. For example, your available storage space may let in too much light, be located too close to water pipes or motors, or get too hot. And space constraints get even harder to manage if you’re trying to store multiple sets of tires. But don’t worry—if that’s the case, your local TIRECRAFT is here to help, offering you practically unlimited storage space to accommodate any work or family fleet.

5. Free tire inspections. Every time your tires are taken in or out of storage, they’ll be inspected by our techs, giving you the best possible chances of detecting minor problems before they spiral into major expenses.

6. TIRECRAFT loyalty rewards. If you sign up for the MyTIRECRAFT Rewards program, you could collect discount dollars every time you pay for professional storage. These loyalty rewards can be spent like cash later on to drive down the costs of any auto services, new tire purchases, or part replacements, and it’s free to sign up.

7. One-stop shop convenience. When you choose TIRECRAFT, you get immediate access to tire mounting, removal, installation, rotation, and alignment services, along with free inspections and air pressure top-ups, as soon as they come out of storage. We can also put your original set into storage as soon as they come off. This one-stop shop convenience could save you an extra trip or two, while also creating more opportunities to bundle service costs together.

Get A Free Quote On Tire Storage Solutions: Contact TIRECRAFT

To learn more about our professional tire storage and get a free quote, contact your local TIRECRAFT.