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Why Choose Continental All-Season Tires For Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles have unique tire needs, all of which are met by Continental all-season tires.

Read on to learn how continental all-season tires enhance electric vehicles’ (EV) battery life and performance, facilitate smooth and quiet rides, and maximize EV sustainability, or contact your local TIRECRAFT for personalized tire recommendations for your electric vehicle.

Enhance EV Battery Life And Performance With Continental All-Season Tires

Optimized rolling resistance means being able to drive longer on a single battery charge, while also minimizing tread wear and saving money at the pump. After decades of research and development, Continental tires are now among the best in class in terms of optimal rolling resistance.

Enjoy A Smooth And Quiet Ride With Continental All-Season Tires

Because electric vehicles are not as loud as their internal combustion counterparts, road noise can be much more noticeable.

Thanks to their ContiSilent technology, Continental all-season tires reduce road noise by up to 9 decibels, using an inner tire absorber made of polyurethane foam to stop the vibration of the tire from being transmitted through the wheel into the interior of your electric vehicle.

Maximize EV Sustainability With Continental All-Season Tires

Electric vehicle sustainability research shows that:

  • Electric vehicles produce significantly less greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions than internal combustion engine vehicle technology, which far exceeds the increased emissions required for some EV production and raw mineral acquisition/processing
  • Electric vehicle contribute to greater local air quality than internal combustion engine vehicle technology because they do not produce vehicle exhaust emissions
  • The life cycle of selected lithium-ion electric vehicles produce 61% less volatile organic compounds, 93% less carbon monoxide, 28% less nitrogen oxides, and 32% less black carbon than the life cycle of internal combustion engine vehicles

Unsurprisingly, then, sustainability is very important for Canadians driving electric vehicles. Indeed, it’s one of the top selling points of most electric vehicles, which is why it doesn’t make sense to use gas-guzzling, unsustainable tires.

If you’re looking to maximize EV sustainability and minimize your eco footprint, Continental all-season tires are a fantastic choice. These are just a few of the ways Continental all-season tires keep your EVs green:

  • Continental all-season tires fight deforestation. In 2018, Continental opened the experimental “Taraxagum Lab Anklam” in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany, which became ground zero for a new sustainable tire initiative involving the cultivation and processing of Russian dandelions as an alternative source of raw material to the rubber tree.
  • Continental all-season tires greatly reduce fuel consumption. For the sake of safety, savings, and the environment, Continental rolled out the ContiEcoContact, the “world’s first ever sustainable tire,” which can reduce fuel consumption by as much as 3-4% annually thanks to optimizations in rolling resistance and tire technology.
  • Continental all-season tires reduce landfill waste. Continental all-season tires are built to last, so they save you money on replacements while also helping to reduce tire waste.

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Use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to find an ASE-certified Continental all-season tire specialist near you.