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Best Car Battery For Cold Weather: Find Them All At TIRECRAFT

Canadian winters can wreak havoc on car batteries, but smart shopping and proper maintenance can help prevent start-up issues, battery failures, and costly repairs.

Read on to learn about the best car battery for cold weather, as well as how to maintain your investment, or contact your local TIRECRAFT to speak directly with a cold-weather car battery specialist near you.

What Is The Best Car Battery For Cold Weather?

We all realize Canadian winters can be rough on car batteries. Not only does freezing weather drain battery power, sometimes by as much as 30-60%, but it can also slow your battery’s electrochemical reactions, weakening the charge and sometimes stopping your vehicle from starting altogether, which is an inconvenience, no one likes, especially when its already so cold outside, and you have places to be

Fortunately, there are products designed specifically for winter driving, and your local TIRECRAFT can help you find the best car battery for your needs.

Most Canadian technicians will recommend Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries for cold weather. Unlike standard flooded batteries, which most drivers consider to be the norm, AGM batteries tend to produce more starting power, higher cold-cranking amps, and lower discharge rates, which make them more reliable in cold weather.

Additionally, because AGM batteries use a mesh made from absorbent fiberglass to absorb the electrolyte solution, you never have to worry about battery acid leaking out if they’re accidently tilted.  Also, they tend to last longer and resist vibrations better, too.

Before you commit to an AGM battery, however, you should know that they tend to be slightly more expensive than standard flooded batteries. But if you sign up for the My TIRECRAFT Rewards program, you can start earning rewards points for every repair/maintenance service or product purchase, then spend these loyalty points like cash to lower the purchase price of your new battery.

The Best Car Battery Will Still Fail You Without Proper Maintenance

If you’re going to spend your money on the best car battery available to you, be sure to spend the time on proper upkeep. Fortunately, it’s easy to do right by your car battery.

Here are some maintenance tips:

  • Power down your vehicle properly—Most people take the time to power up properly, allowing their car to run for a few minutes before driving in cold weather, but few people seem to treat powering down with the same care. Make sure your headlights and cabin lights are off and doors are completely closed before you turn off the ignition, as leaving any lights on will easily drain your battery overnight. Be sure to unplug all accessories, as well, including cigarette light socket chargers.
  • Check for corrosion or loose cables—Regularly inspect terminals for rust and cables for cracking and take your vehicle to your local TIRECRAFT if you have any concerns. The minor cost of a repair or car battery cleaning could save you a major replacement, and it’ll be another opportunity for you to rack up rewards points!
  • Protect your battery from the cold—Invest in regular oil changes and preventative maintenance and consider using a battery blanket in extreme cold. If possible, try to park in a covered garage, or at least find a spot that’s downwind, so your battery is not exposed to the elements.

To browse all the best car batteries under one roof, and receive a personalized shortlist of recommendations based on your unique local weather conditions, vehicle, and driving needs, use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool on our website and start a free consultation.