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Best-Rated Winter Tires For 2021: Compare The Top Picks At TIRECRAFT

Tired of white-knuckle drives on roads glazed with snow and ice? Invest in the best rated winter tires for 2021, and you can enjoy complete confidence as you do the rounds this holiday season.

Read on to find out who made Gear Junkie’s list of best rated winter tires for 2021, or contact your local TIRECRAFT to start browsing all the top brands under one roof.

Best-rated Winter Tires For 2021: Gear Junkie’s Top-3 Tire Picks

1.    Best rated winter tires overallThe Bridgestone Blizzak

The latest iteration of the celebrated Bridgestone Blizzak lineup, the WS90, takes the number-one spot on Gear Junkie’s list of best rated winter tires.

The Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 features an innovative new tread compound and design that includes:

  • A larger contact patch to evenly distribute forces across the tire surface, providing improved grip and braking performance on ice
  • A special hydrophilic coating that keeps them supple and grippy in freezing temperatures
  • A special silica-enhanced tread with “bite particles” that work like tiny tire studs for better control and shorter stopping distances
  • Stiffer tread blocks for better handling and treadlife
  • Interlocking sipes to create additional tread surface area for increased grip in wet, icy and snowy conditions, and more!

The only strike against Bridgestone Blizzaks is that they are not studdable, but that’s not a problem for most buyers in southern Ontario, where studs are not permitted, and winter weather is a bit tamer. If you live up north, and you prefer to use studded tires between September 1st and May 31st, ask your local TIRECRAFT for some recommendations.

But if you’re interested in the Bridgestone Blizzak, you can find them, along with all the best rated winter tires for 2021, right at your local TIRECRAFT, in rim sizes between 14-19”.

2.    Best rated winter tire for crossovers—The Firestone Winterforce 2 UV

If you’re making the holiday rounds in a crossover or minivan, the Firestone Winterforce might be the perfect winter tire for you.

These are just a few of the features that earned it the title of Best Rated Winter Tires for Crossovers:

  • Winter-worthy grip and braking performance, thanks to its deep grooves, open shoulder slots, and wide lateral notches
  • Hydroplaning resistance for safe driving during Ontario’s Spring Thaw, thanks to a high density sipe pattern and multiple circumferential channels in the tire that clear away liquid from the road surface
  • Fully studdable, with tires premolded for #12 studs, in case you want extra confidence up north

In the “con” column, Gear Junkie notes that these tires can be a little noisy on dry roads, but that’s hardly cause for concern.

You can find these tires available in rim sizes ranging from 15-18,” right at your local TIRECRAFT.

3.    Best rated winter tires for performance vehicles—The Pirelli P Zero Winter

If you’re not ready to stow your sports car, sedan, or coupe come winter, the Pirelli P Zero Winter might be for you. This tire is designed for maximum performance in ice and snow, helping you maintain the kind of high-level driving experience you expect in warmer weather.

Some key features of these tires include:

  • Specially-engineered tread compound that improves pliability and responsiveness in cold weather
  • Anti-hydroplaning tread patterns, designed to keep the contact patch clear of water and slush
  • Unique shoulder construction, comprising thick, continuous blocks for better stability and faster responses when cornering
  • Reinforced casing with asymmetric contour put more rubber on the road, providing reduced road noise, longer durability, and better fuel mileage

These tires are not the number-one choice to take out in a blizzard, and they’re not the most budget-friendly option, either, but they will make it possible to drive your sports car, sedan, or coupe safely come winter.

If you’re interested, you can find these, along with all the best rated winter tires, at your local TIRECRAFT, in rim sizes of 19-22”.

Contact TIRECRAFT: Browse All The Best-Rated Winter Tires For 2021-2022

Use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to start your personalized consultation and start browsing all the best winter tires under one roof.


Ardent, K & Dorr, B. (2021, October 19). The best snow tires of 2021-2022. Gear Junkie.