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Consumer Research Tips: How To Find The Best Tire Store Near Me In 2021

“How do I know I’ve found the best tire store near me?”

With the right information, due diligence is easy. To help consumers get the best possible value, today’s post shares 3 tips to find safe, high-quality tire products and services in 2021, courtesy of the TIRECRAFT team.

Read on or use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to speak with a tire specialist straight away.

1.  Look for tire stores with COVID-safe services

Until the pandemic threat period has passed, the Retail Council of Canada urges consumers to shop safe, which means proper masking, hand-washing, social distancing, and choosing local retailers with COVID-19 safety policies in place.

With just a bit of research up front, you can greatly reduce your risk of infection and do your part to slow the spread in Canada.

To find the best tire store during COVID-19, look for:

  • Stringent employee and customer screening protocols. In order to keep our clients and communities safe, TIRECRAFT goes above and beyond with COVID-19 safety screening. We will not allow anyone who feels unwell or who has come into contact with someone who is unwell to enter our place of business, whether they show up to work or to get their vehicle serviced. The best tire stores understand the importance of transparency during this period of uncertainty, so you should be able to find their COVID-19 screening policy information on their website.
  • Limited in-store access. Find tire stores willing to conduct their consultations online, outdoors, or inside with proper social distancing standards in place. Most TIRECRAFT showrooms are currently closed to the public, but if anything, it’s only made our service more convenient, as consumers now have even more hands-free service solutions and options to shop from the comfort of home.
  • Convenient contactless service options. Contactless services are usually more convenient for clients, and they’re as easy for tire stores to implement as they are effective at reducing community spread of COVID-19. At TIRECRAFT, all services, product consultations, and vehicle hand-offs are now available completely contactless.
  • Diligent disinfection efforts. Choose a tire store that’s committed to increased cleaning and disinfection practices around the store, as well as your car’s interior prior to hand-off.

Learn more about TIRECRAFT’s pandemic response on the COVID-19 Policy page, or by contacting your local TIRECRAFT.

2.  Look for independent tire shops backed by big brands

Unless you know exactly what model of tire you want, it’s usually a good idea to buy from independent tire stores instead of one of the big brand retailers.

Why? Because when you buy tires from a Goodyear tire store, for example, you’re invariably going to get a Goodyear tire recommendation. And while that’s not necessarily a bad thing—as previously mentioned, you might be looking for Goodyear tires from the outset—it’s definitely not the best way to get unbiased advice.

If you’re looking for more objective tire recommendations, look for independent tire shops that are authorized to sell big brand names. That’s what you get at TIRECRAFT—unparalleled tire selection, serious tire expertise, and advice based on real customer needs, instead of big brand sales commission. We also extend all the big brands’ Limited Warranty coverage through the Advantage Plus Program, helping tire buyers get even more for their money.

3.  The best tire stores near me offer everything

One-stop shops offering tire products and repair services are ideal. Not only do they save you time and money, but the tire technician may be able to identify specific wear patterns and/or problems with your current set that inform your new tire purchase.

How to find the best tire stores near me: Contact TIRECRAFT

Use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to book a free tire consultation with one of the leading tire shops in Canada.