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Getting the FAQ Straight: 4 Common Questions About Tire Alignments

Proper tire alignment is crucial for driver comfort and safety, as well as the lifespan of your vehicle. Today’s post answers some of the top tire alignment questions listed by Google’s People Also Ask tool to help drivers make informed choices.

What is a Car Alignment / Tire Alignment Service?

Tire alignment refers to the adjustment of a vehicle’s suspension. It involves adjusting the angles of the tires so that they make contact with the road in ways that facilitate optimal performance, lifespan, and driver comfort.

When completing your car alignment service, your TireCraft expert is mainly concerned with three things:

  1. Camber—The inward/outward angle of the tire when viewed from the front of the vehicle.
  2. Toe—The inward/outward angle of the tire when viewed from above.
  3. Caster—The angle of your steering axis when viewed from the side of your vehicle.

Why Does Tire Alignment Matter?

When the camber, toe, or caster is misaligned, your vehicle may exhibit:

  • Uneven tire wire, such as feathering, when the tire tread is smooth on one side and sharp on the other
  • Camber wear
  • Heel/toe wear
  • Reduced driving performance
  • Reduced driver safety

For these reasons, it’s important to stay on top of your tire alignment.

How Often Should I Schedule Tire Alignment Services?

TireCraft experts recommend car alignment services every 20,000km or 12 months of driving. However, this estimate is subject to change depending on your unique driving habits, road conditions, and weather. For an individualized estimate on ideal tire alignment frequency, contact a local TireCraft specialist.

What are Some Signs That I Need A Tire Alignment?

  1. You noticed uneven tire wear. It’s absolutely normal for your tires to show some uneven wear. Everyone drives differently (e.g. some people take more left turns than right turns in their morning commute) and on different roads (e.g. dirt roads versus highways), so it would be unreasonable to expect perfectly even wear.However, drastic differences in tire wear usually indicate that a car alignment is necessary.
  2. The vehicle pulls to the left or right. By definition, poor car alignment means your tires don’t line up properly, which will cause you to drift left or right whenever you release the wheel. Before you test it out, find a perfectly straight and level road, as poor road conditions can pull properly aligned wheels left or right.
  3. You’re driving straight with a crooked steering wheel. If you need to hold the steering wheel to one side or another to get your vehicle moving straight, you’ll almost certainly need a tire alignment.
  4. Your tires squeal. If your tires squeal while driving in a straight low or taking a turn at low-speed on a regular road, there’s a good chance that a tire alignment is needed.
  5. Excessive vibration in the steering wheel. When your tires are out of alignment, the wheels sometimes point against each other, which causes a massive amount of vibration in the steering wheel.

Find A Tire Alignment Specialists Near Me

TireCraft is a leading provider of tire alignment services for drivers all over the Great White North. Visit our website and use the Find a TireCraft tool to locate a qualified tire alignment expert in your area.