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How To Take Care Of Your Brake Pads: TIRECRAFT Maintenance Tips

Proper brake pad maintenance not only saves money, it also saves lives. In today’s post, our ASE-certified brake pad specialists share 3 tips to prolong the life of these automotive safety essentials.

Read on or contact your local TIRECRAFT to book a free brake pad consultation straight away.

How To Take Care Of Your Brake Pads: TIRECRAFT’s Top-3 Tips

1.   Adjust Your Driving Habits For Better Brake Pad Longevity

When it comes to prolonging the life of your brake pads, speed is the enemy!

Full and complete stops from high speeds cause major wear. According to one study, a full stop from 105km/h forces brake pads to dissipate 33% more energy than the same braking action at 85km/h. As brake pads dissipate energy, they create heat, which leads to much faster burnout.

If extending the life of your brake pads is a priority, slow down a bit, and try to ease into your braking. By getting off the gas early when you see a red light, stop sign, or brake lights up ahead, you can save your brake pads a lot of stress. Give yourself plenty of following distance from the car in front of you so you can coast to an easy stop, and remove any unnecessary weight from your vehicle before you set out.

2.   Flush Your Brakes Regularly

A good rule of thumb is to bleed and flush your brakes approximately every 2 years. This will help your overall brake system work better, taking some stress off your brake pads, and reduce the risks of internal corrosion that occur when water gets in the brake lines.

More frequent flushes may be required for older vehicles. If you’re unsure how to classify your vehicle, contact your local TIRECRAFT for personalized recommendations, free of charge.

3.   Invest In Frequent Brake Pad Checks

At TIRECRAFT, our ASE-certified brake specialists recommend booking brake inspections every 20,000km or 12 months of driving—whichever comes first. However, this recommendation varies based on individual driving habits and conditions. For example, city drivers tend to use their brakes more than those who drive predominantly in the country, where start-and-stop traffic and red lights are less common.

Once again, if you need personalized advice, you can find it for free at your local TIRECRAFT.

Free Quote On Brake Pad Service: Contact Your Local TIRECRAFT

Our award-winning brake pad service includes:

  • Rotor inspection and service
  • Brake line maintenance
  • Brake flushes
  • Drum brake maintenance
  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS) service
  • Caliper repairs and replacements, and more

Whatever you need to stay safe on the road, our Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)-certified brake pad technicians are up to the task. And at participating locations, your next brake service could earn you rewards points through the MyTIRECRAFT Rewards App, which can be used to save money on your next tire purchase or automotive service. Sign up today to instantly get $20 in rewards points.

Contact your local TIRECRAFT to start a free consultation and find out why so many Canadians turn to us for their brake pad service.