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Researching Tire Stores Near Me: How To Spot The Top Tire Places

How do I research tire stores near me?” Today’s post answers this common consumer question, sharing 5 quality indicators you can use to spot the top tire places near you.

Read on or use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to get started with an ASE-certified tire specialist near you.

1.   The Best Tire Stores Near Me Offer Unparalleled Selection

In the internet age, where you can browse hundreds of tires with a few clicks and keystrokes, it doesn’t make sense to buy from tire stores with limited selection.

At TIRECRAFT, you never need to choose between tire selection and expertise. We carry all the top tire brands in every style, and every recommendation is personalized to the individual’s unique driving needs and budget.

2.   The Best Tire Stores Near Me Provide Unbiased Tire Advice

Though we carry all the top tire brands, TIRECRAFT tire techs are not beholden to any single manufacturer, which means you always get honest, unbiased advice.

3.   The Best Tire Stores Near Me Repair, Install, And Maintain Tires

The best tire stores not only sell tires; they also service tires. Even if you’re not in the market for a repair, installation, or tune-up, it’s a good idea to find tire stores with these services on-offer, since it’s a sure sign that the retailer knows tires inside-out.

Take TIRECRAFT for instance. We not only stock all the top tire brands, we also repair, install, and maintain all tire types. This knowledge comes in handy during tire consultations, as it allows us to analyze your tread wear patterns in order to make personalized recommendations. And as you’ll read in the subsequent sections, our in-house tire service also ups the value of our customer loyalty rewards program, allowing you to accumulate rewards points with tire services to lower the costs of your next tire purchase.

4.   The Best Tire Stores Near Me Give Back With Customer Rewards

The best tire stores not only give greater service, but also find ways to give back to loyal customers. Take TIRECRAFT’s My TIRECRAFT Rewards program for example. Customers who download the app and sign up will receive $20 worth of rewards points instantly, and have the chance to accumulate additional rewards points with every service or purchase. It’s a win-win proposition: you get great service for a great price, and we get your continued business!

5.   The Best Tire Stores Near Me Grant Extended Warranty Coverage

When you buy top tire brands, you can expect a certain amount of coverage from the Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty. But the best tire stores will extend your coverage even further, helping you save even more money on automotive essentials.

Take TIRECRAFT’s Advantage Plus Program for example. In addition to the Limited Manufacturer’s Treadwear Warranty, you receive:

  • 12 month / 20,000km Mechanical Warranty coverage
  • 30-day Tire Satisfaction Guarantee—no charges for tires and labour
  • Road Hazard Coverage
  • FREE flat tire repairs on eligible sets
  • FREE tire rotations, performed after 10,000km or by the vehicle manufacturer’s tire rotation schedule

Find The Best Tire Stores Near Me: Contact Your Local TIRECRAFT

With more than 300 TIRECRAFT locations around the country for your convenience, qualified tire techs are closer than you think! Use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to start a free consultation with our award-winning tire techs and get a free quote on any set of tires.