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Semi Truck Repair Near Me: 3 Ways To Control Fleet Costs With TIRECRAFT

As fleet manager, your choice of semi-truck repair service could save you (or cost you) thousands of dollars, as every potential expense and every dollar saved is multiplied by the total number of trucks in your care.

To help you shop smart, today’s post highlights 3 reasons fleet managers choose TIRECRAFT to keep their semi-trucks in shape. Read on to learn more or contact your local TIRECRAFT to schedule a free consultation straight away.

Semi-Truck Repair Near Me: Control Fleet Costs With TIRECRAFT

These are just a few of the ways we help fleet managers save money every year:

1.    Effortlessly Incorporate Fleet Tire Forensics / Scrap Analyses

Sifting through your fleet’s scrap tire pile might not sound like a productive use of your time, but it can actually yield several critical insights that can maximize tread life and minimize costly downtime.

“Scrap tire data can be route specific, driver-specific, vehicle specific, geographically specific, application specific, etc.,” says Kevin Rohlwing, senior vice president of training at the Tire Industry Association (Ingram, 2018). “By using the data from scrap tire analysis, it helps fleets get the most miles out of every casing and prevents a lot of problems before they happen.”

If you want to reap the rewards of scrap tire pile analyses without any of the work, your local TIRECRAFT is here to help. We make note of all tires’ tread pattern, size, ply rating, and tread depth, as well as the number of retreads, then review their reasons for removal, thoroughly inspecting the whole tire and identifying any instances of misapplication. All results are logged and interpreted by our semi-truck repair technicians and shared with fleet managers to help them achieve:

  • Better tire selection
  • Better mounting procedures
  • Better tire maintenance practices

To learn more about our scrap tire pile analyses, get in touch with a TIRECRAFT semi-truck repair technician near you.

2.    Get Fast Semi-Truck Repairs, Whenever And Wherever Trouble Strikes

When tire trouble strikes, timely semi-truck repair services are essential. The longer your driver stays stranded at the roadside while on the clock, the more money you lose, and the greater the risks of client dissatisfaction.

To reduce the costs of driver downtime, we offer all-in-one roadside semi-truck repair services anywhere in Canada. With 300+ TIRECRAFT locations across the country, and an additional 10,000 additional points of service constituting the Tire Service Network, we’re able to complete 95% of repairs within 90 minutes of the initial service call coming in. And if you need more intensive services, you’re never far from a certified semi-truck repair shop.

Our semi-truck repair services include:

  • Semi-truck tire inflation
  • Semi-truck tire rotation
  • Semi-truck tire balancing
  • Semi-truck tire alignment
  • Flat tire repairs
  • Semi-truck tire replacements, and much more

3.    Save Money With Cost-Effective Semi-truck Repair Services And Replacement Parts

To help fleet managers save even more on semi-truck repairs, we offer:

Additionally, we’re proud to offer great prices on replacement parts, and our semi-truck tire retreading program can reduce replacement tire costs by 30-50%!

Find The Best Semi-Truck Repair Near Me: Contact TIRECRAFT

To learn more about how we’re helping fleet managers cut costs and support their drivers, use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool and schedule a free consultation with our team.


Ingram, M. (2018, May 17). Scrap tire analysis: The importance of tire forensics. Tire Review.