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Where To Book Vehicle Safety Inspections: Safety, Auto Insurance, And More

You can buy and register a vehicle without a vehicle safety inspection, but you cannot put plates on your car—or drive legally—until it’s done. But don’t worry—your local TIRECRAFT is here to help.

Today’s post answers some common questions about vehicle safety inspections to help you get started. Read on or contact your local TIRECRAFT to book a vehicle safety inspection straight away.

4 Signs You Need To Book A Vehicle Safety Inspection

According to the Government of Ontario, you need to book a vehicle safety inspection if you are:

  1. Registering a rebuilt vehicle
  2. Transferring a used vehicle to a new owner (unless that new owner is your spouse!)
  3. Registering a vehicle in Ontario that was bought in another province, territory, or country
  4. Changing the status of a vehicle from “unfit” to “fit”

Vehicle Safety Inspection Criteria: What You Need To Get Checked

According to the Government of Ontario’s Passenger / Light-Duty Vehicle Inspection Standard, all vehicle safety inspections must include a full review of the following elements:

  • Powertrain—including the accelerator pedal, throttle actuator, exhaust system, drive shaft, differential, clutch and clutch pedal, engine/transmission mount, engine shutdown/start safety features, gear shifter, engine or accessory drive belt, electric or hybrid-electric powertrain system, gasoline/diesel fuel system, and pressurized/liquid fuel system.
  • Suspension—including the suspension and frame attachments, axle attaching and tracking components, spring/spring attachments, air suspension, and strut/shock absorber.
  • Brake systems—including disassembly of wheels and drums, measurement of brake components, and inspection of brake pedal/actuator, vacuum assist (boost) system, hydraulic assist (boost) system, air assist (boost) system, brake system indicator lamps, drum/disc brake system components, parking brake, anti-lock braking (ABS), and more.
  • Steering—including steering control and linkage, power steering system (hydraulic/electric), steering operation, kingpin, and more.
  • Instruments and auxiliary equipment—including the horn, speedometer, odometer, windshield wipers, heater/windshield front defroster, fuel-burning auxiliary heater, auxiliary controls and devices, and more.
  • Lamps—standard lamps, reflect reflectors, panel lamps, headlamp aim, and more.
  • Electrical system—including the wiring, battery, and internal software.
  • Body—including the hood, body, windows, seats, seatbelts, moulding/trim, fender, structural components, cargo body, frame, rails, mounts, cab or cargo door, windshield, and more.
  • Tire and wheels—including tire tread depth, sidewalls, inflation pressure, wheel hub, wheel bearing, rims, fasteners, and more.
  • Coupling devices—including the hitch assembly, structure, and attaching components

Additionally, all motor vehicle inspections must include a road test. As per Section 11 of the Government of Ontario’s Passenger / Light-Duty Vehicle Inspection Standard, all road tests must include:

  • Speeds in excess of 40km/h
  • Left and right turns at full lock (maximum steering-wheel travel, against stop)
  • At least one heavy application of the service brakes, decelerating the vehicle to a complete stop, from a minimum speed of 40km/h
  • Application and assessment of parking brake performance
  • Driving over at least one bump equivalent to approximately 5cm in height

Where Can I Get A Vehicle Safety Inspection?

Use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to book a licensed vehicle safety inspection from one of our ASE-certified specialists. Should we detect any problems, you’ll have full access to our repair services and catalog of replacement parts.