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Ask the Experts: What Are the Best All Weather Tires for Snow?

What are the best all-weather tires for snow? Today’s post looks beyond the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol and shares top picks from the Automobile Protection Association.

Read on or use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to get recommendations on the best all-weather tires for snow right away.

How to Find the Best All-Weather Tires for Snow in Canada 2020-2021

On your search for the best all weather tires for snow, start with the three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol, which is sometimes called the “alpine symbol” or the “severe service emblem.” This symbol is used to identify tires that meet specific snow traction performance requirements. You can find it on the tire’s sidewall.

But don’t stop your all-weather tire research there. To receive the 3PMSF symbol, tires only have to complete the ASTM F1805 acceleration traction test on medium-packed snow in standardized winter conditions—braking, turning, and ice-traction tests aren’t included. And there’s a big difference between all-weather tires that meet minimum requirements and those that ace the test.

So where should you turn next in your search for the best all-weather tires for snow?

If possible, try to source recommendations and all-weather tire ratings from authoritative non-profit associations dedicated to promoting consumer interests in the marketplace, like the Automobile Protection Association (APA).

Not only does the APA work hard to maintain their independence in order to provide unbiased reviews, but they actively test different all-weather tires for snow performance.

“To our knowledge, the APA’s testing is the only consumer information available that separates All-Weather tires that genuinely perform… from also-rans that sport the same logo,” states the Automobile Protection Association (APA) website.

APA Recommendations for All-Weather Tires for Snow

The following three tires ranked the highest in the Automobile Protection Association’s 2019-2020 All Weather Tire testing:

  1. Toyo Celsius CUV. Ranking as one the best, the Celsius’ asymmetric tread performed exceptionally well, particularly in cornering and braking tests. The Toyo Celsius also earned extra points due to its great tire tread life.
  2. Firestone Weathergrip. Firestone’s new open tread design and generous tread siping gave it an edge in the APA’s winter performance testing. It also recorded great handling and soft riding on cleared roads.
  3. Michelin’s Agilis Cross Climate. Designed for pickup trucks and large SUVs, Michelin’s first all-weather tire offers tight handling and quiet rides on paved roads, along with decent braking distances and grip through the winter.

How to Find the Best All-Weather Tires for Snow Near Me

All three of the APA’s top picks are available at your local TIRECRAFT, along with an extensive selection of brand-name all-weather tires, and the expert advice of more than 220+ handpicked teams across the country.

No matter what tire you decide on, we’ll bolster the limited manufacturer treadwear warranty through the TIRECRAFT Advantage Plus Program, which includes:

  • 12-month, 20,000km mechanical warranty
  • 30-Day Tire Satisfaction Guarantee
  • FREE flat tire repairs for eligible customers
  • Road Hazard Coverage
  • FREE tire rotations

Use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to book a free consultation with the best all-weather tire providers in your area.