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Where To Buy Pirelli Tires Near Me: 5 Signs You Found The Right Place

“Where can I buy Pirelli tires near me?”

You don’t want to drive to an exclusive Pirelli dealership, but you still want a great price on Pirelli tires. Where do you turn? Read on to learn how to spot a quality Pirelli tire dealer near you, or contact your local TIRECRAFT to set up a tire consultation straight away.

Where To Buy Pirelli Tires Near Me: Top-5 Quality Indicators

1.    Comprehensive Pirelli Tire Selection, Including The 2022 Lineup

Think you need to visit an official dealership to find the full 2022 Pirelli tire lineup? Think again. Pirelli has partnered with a number of top tire dealerships across Canada to make their products more accessible, and we’re proud to be counted among them.

TIRECRAFT carries all of the most popular Pirelli tire products, including:

To browse our most recent additions and get full access to our comprehensive tire catalog, get in touch with your local TIRECRAFT.

2.    Convenient Access To Official Pirelli Tire Sales And Rebate Programs

If you’re hunting for a bargain, make sure your chosen tire dealer can get you access to official Pirelli sales promotions. This is not only a good way to save a few extra dollars, but it will also tell you if you’re buying from a certified Pirelli partner.

When you shop at TIRECRAFT, you get full access to official Pirelli tire sales, like the Spring 2022 Rebate program, which could get you up to $100 in rebates when you purchase any of the following select tire types:

  • $100 / $120 CAA dollars for any Pirelli tires from the P ZERO family
  • $70 / $90 CAA dollars for any Pirelli tires from the SCORPION family
  • $60 / $80 CAA dollars for any Pirelli tires from the CINTURATO family
  • $45 / $65 CAA dollars for any Pirelli tires from the P4 FOUR SEASONS family

What’s more, many TIRECRAFT dealers offer exclusive in-store promotions, depending on individual owner discretion and inventory, some of which may be combined with official sales to double-down on your potential savings.

3.    Extra Pirelli Warranty Coverage And Customer Satisfaction Guarantees

Just as quality Pirelli tire dealers will honour official sales, so too will they honour official warranties. In addition to providing warrantied repairs and maintenance services needed to maintain your coverage, TIRECRAFT takes your Pirelli Limited Manufacturer’s warranty one step further with the Advantage Plus Program, which includes:

  • 12-month / 20,000km mechanical warranty
  • 30-day tire satisfaction guarantee
  • FREE flat tire repairs and rotations
  • Extended Road Hazard Protection

All of these advantages come in addition to your standard Limited Manufacturer’s warranty.

4.    Pirelli Tire Cost Control And Convenience

With more than 300+ locations across Canada, it has never been easier to find Pirelli tires for a great price. Alongside official Pirelli sales and exclusive in-store promotions, we help customers save through our loyalty program, which works by awarding customers discount dollars every time they pay for new tires, parts, or maintenance/repair services. Over time, these rewards points add up, especially if you frequent TIRECRAFT for your essential upkeep, and they can be spent like real money to reduce the costs of your next set of Pirelli tires. Download the MyTIRECRAFT Rewards app now to start saving.

5.    Full Support With Pirelli Tire Repair And Maintenance

When researching where to buy Pirelli tires near you, it’s a good idea to favour shops that also provide full repair and maintenance services. This not only ensures you work with legitimate Pirelli tire experts, but also creates more opportunities to rack up rewards points via the MyTIRECRAFT Rewards program.

Where To Buy Pirelli Tires Near Me: Contact Your Local TIRECRAFT

Use the Find a TIRECRAFT tool to book a free Pirelli tire consultation and get a shortlist of recommendations based on your unique driver profile.